Thursday, May 31, 2012


Downcast is a universal iOS application for streaming or downloading podcast. It is a very powerful podcasting application with a lot of integrated social features for sharing your favorite podcast episodes across your social networks.

Some of the features of Downcast:
  • Universal iOS App
  •  Allows Downloading
  •  Social Integration
  •  Hi-Speed Scrubbing
  •  Faster / Slower play speeds
  •  iCloud Sync
  •  Sleep Timer
Downcast is $1.99 in the App Store.


Downcast - Jamawkinaw Enterprises

Downcast - Jamawkinaw Enterprises

Developer Website

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Getting video into iMovie

Let me get right to it, getting videos from my iPhone to my iPad is a major pain in the ass! I love iMovie on my iPad but getting clips into my camera roll on the iPad is a hassle, you have 3 choices to import video to the iPad:
  • Camera Connection Kit
  • Import via iTunes
  • Email yourself the video
I have tried to use Dropbox but it does not work with video, with photos I could use Dropbox and then save the image to my camera roll but that does not work with videos. I have also tried using other applications on my iPad such as GoodReader and I run into the same problem as I do with Dropbox, no way to save to the camera roll nor does it allow me to access iMovie using the 'Open In' feature. The problem with video is that is does not sync via PhotoStream on iOS devices and iMovie does not have iCloud support yet. Hopefully Apple will address this in the next few months, maybe with iOS 6? I would love to see iMovie sync not only with other iOS devices but also iMovie on my Mac. I am unsure why Apple is hesitant to allow this, maybe Apple is trying to save people from filling up the storage on their iOS devices considering how large HD video files are?

Camera Connection Kit:
Camera Connection Kit

Connect your iPhone or video camera via USB cable to the Camera Connection Kit1 adapter then plug the adapter into the iPad, you will notice that the Photos application will open and you will see in the top menu bar that you are in 'Camera'. Now select each video or photo that you want to import to your camera roll and tap the blue 'Import' button. You can differentiate the photos from the videos by looking for the video camera icon, the icon will appear in the lower left of any video file in your camera roll. You will also be able to tell which videos you have selected for importing by the blue check mark in the lower right on the thumbnail.

Import Video




Email Video

Emailing your videos is an option but only if they are short videos, normally about 1 minute or less. If you try to email a larger video you will be greeted with the following message:

IMG 0233

If you do not own the Camera Connection Kit and your video is really short it is simple to email it to yourself:

Open the Photos app on your iPhone >

Choose your Camera Roll album >

Locate your video >

In the top right you will notice a rectangle with an arrow bursting out of it, tap on that >

Now tap on the video you are wanting to email, you will know you have selected the video by looking at the lower right of the video file, you should see a red checkmark >

Tap the 'Share' button in the lower left >

Email >

Enter your email address, subject and any message you wish to include. You will notice that you have a video file link in the email as well, now just tap send. Please remember that emailing videos may take a tad longer than sending a normal email, but normally you should get it within a minute or two.

IMG 0232

If you have the videos on your Mac and you are wanting to email those to yourself instead of syncing with iTunes you can easily do that by opening mail and then drag and drop your video into the subject area of the email and send.

Emailing from the Mac




Import via iTunes:
iTunes Import

This is the old way of doing things but to be honest it is probably the best way to do them. I normally do not use iTunes for syncing anything to my iPad any longer, with iCloud and over-the-air (OTA) updating syncing with iTunes is not really needed unless I want to transfer video or movies. I really hope that this is something Apple addresses because the iPad is promoted as a post PC device yet I am still needing my 'PC' to use iMovie on my iPad.


First thing you will need to do is get your videos off of your iPhone or video camera. I am going to go in detail on getting them off of your iPhone, I use a Mac so that is what these instructions are for. I don't use Windows so I am unsure about what importing videos entails, getting them onto your iPad would be the same though.

In iPhoto:
Connect your iPhone to your Mac >
Open iPhoto >
Select your iPhone in the left panel>
Create a new event name, this makes it easier to find the folder when you are importing in iTunes >
Select your video or videos. You can either import all or hold 'Command' down on your keyboard and select each video then use either 'Import' or 'Import Selected' >
You either delete the video from your iPhone or keep them on there. You will be prompted to choose in iTunes >

In iTunes:
Now connect your iPad to your computer >
Open iTunes >
On the left, select your iPad under the 'Devices' tab >
In the top menu of iTunes select the 'Photo' tab >
Checkmark 'Sync Photos From' and in the drop down menu select iPhoto >
Now select the 'Selected albums, Events and Faces, make sure you also checkmark 'Include Videos' >
You should see 2 panels - 'Albums' and 'Events' >
Look for your newly created folder that you named in iPhoto >
Checkmark that folder >

That is it, now your videos will be in your Camera Roll on your iPad. Now when you open iMovie on your iPad you can start a new project and import your videos from the Camera Roll on your iPad.


UPDATE: You can also transfer videos using the File Sharing in iTunes as well.

1 - Make sure you plug the Camera Connection Kit in the iPad not the iPhone. It will not work plugged into the iPhone.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Sync your gmail contacts via iTunes to your iPad

I see this question asked a lot on the Apple Support forums. I figured this may help someone searching Google for the answer.

Connect iPad to your computer > open iTunes > select your iPad in the left panel > select info at the top menu in iTunes > check mark "sync contacts" > sync Google contacts > configure > sign in to Google > apply

Screen Shot 2012 03 27 at 1 16 13 PM

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How to import your Gmail contacts into iCloud

If you are like me and want to use iCloud as your source for your email and contacts but you are currently using Gmail, you can easily import your contact data from Gmail into iCloud in a few easy steps. These instructions are for Mac users, sorry Windows users, I don't use Windows so I am unsure what you need to do. Bing the answer.

Step 1. Open Gmail, make sure you are logged in. Go to the top left of Gmail and you will see a drop down box, choose contacts.


Step 2. Select the contact group you want to export or choose All Contacts. Once you select your contact group you will see all your contacts in the middle of the screen. You need to tick the check mark box to "select all the contacts".
(sorry, I had to filter out my contact names)


Step 3. With all the contacts check marked that you are wanting to export you need to find the "More" button at the top, it is a drop down box, select export. You can export your contacts to anywhere on your computer, I would export them to the desktop for easy access.


Step 4. Now with your contacts exported > open your Address Book on your Mac > with the address book open > up in the top menu bar on your Mac > next to the Apple logo you will see "File" > Click on file and when the drop down menu opens select "Import".


Step 5. Now that your contacts are imported, if you want them to sync between your other devices using iCloud you need to make sure you have iCloud syncing turned on. Click the Apple logo icon in the upper left of your menu bar > System Preferences > Click on iCloud > Check mark "Contacts"


Step 6. Now if you want to sync another Mac computer just repeat Steps 5, if you want to sync contacts to an iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) you will need to navigate to the Settings App > iCloud > Contacts move the slider so it displays "ON".


As a side note you need to make sure you logged into the same iCloud account on all devices using the same Apple ID. If you are using a different Apple ID then the contacts will not sync.

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

AirPlay from your iPad to your Mac

In this video I will show you how I record the iPad screen to create these tutorial videos.

You can download Reflection and ScreenFlow here:

Note: Reflection is $14.99 now, not $9.99 as mentioned in the video.

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Cancel a Newsstand subscription

If you have a subscription to a magazine in Newsstand and you are wanting to unsubscribe from it, you can not do it in the app, you have to do it in iTunes.

Open iTunes > iTunes Store > Click your Apple ID (normally your email address) on the top right > Choose Account from the drop down menu > You will be prompted for your password, log in > scroll to the bottom under the "Settings" area and you will see Subscriptions, click manage > Turn auto-renewal OFF.

Turning auto-renewal off will cancel your subscription.

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