Sunday, June 24, 2012

Export GarageBand files to edit on Mac

Are you creating music with GarageBand on your iPad but would like to edit them in GarageBand or Logic on your Mac? You can easily accomplish this by following these simple steps below.

On the iPad:
Open GarageBand on your iPad >
Tap the edit button >
Tap on your song(s) that you want to edit >
Tap the share icon "rectangle with arrow busting out" >
Select share song via iTunes >
Choose format GarageBand.

On your Mac:
Connect your iPad (or iPhone or iPod Touch) to your Mac >
Open iTunes >
Select your iPad in the left panel >
Select Apps in the top menu in iTunes >
Scroll down to the File Sharing section >
Select the GarageBand app icon >
Click on your saved file >
Tap Save To >
Choose a location computer and click Open.

Now you can open your saved GarageBand file in either GarageBand or Logic on your Mac.

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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Nintendo Gameboy case

This has always been my favorite case. I have bought a lot of cases but this was by far the best. I think the company went out of business, would have loved to have an iPad mini case like this.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Blind Ninja

Blind Ninja is a fun, addicting swiping/slashing type game for iOS devices. It is a universal application that will run on the iPad, iPhone and the iPod Touch. Currently the application is $0.99 in the App Store. The game controls are very easy it requires nothing more than just swiping in the direction the arrows are pointing to destroy the obstacles that are in your path. The money in the game is chocolate, who doesn't love chocolate? You can acquire chocolate bars in the game or you can purchase chocolate bars via in-app purchases. The chocolate bars are used to bribe Sensei to acquire power-ups such as new swords, new characters or new worlds.

If you are looking for a fun game with very easy controls then I highly recommend checking out Blind Ninja. It is a 5 star game!

  • Bribe the chocolate-loving Sensei to get power-ups and items like Ninja Stars and Fuzzball the bird!
  • Unlock awesome characters, swords, and worlds!
  • Fun and easy-to-learn game play
  • Slice through over 40 objectives to become a Grand Master!
  • Connect to Game Center, Facebook, and Twitter to brag about your high scores!
  • Look out for hidden objectives, ninja tips, and secrets of the Dojo

You can download Blind Ninja here:
Blind Ninja - Rockupied

Developer Website

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mr. Reader for iPad

I have been a long time Reeder app user on my iPad. I have used it for over a year now and it is a great little app. Two things really bugged me though.

1). I had to buy it twice (iPad and iPhone) as it is not a universal app. I really don't have a problem supporting other developers, but universal apps are a must nowadays. I also own it on my Mac so that makes it 3 times, but I do not expect to pay once and have it work between iOS and OS X.

2). It does not sync between the iPhone and iPad, this should not be a problem with iCloud now available.

The Reeder app should be updated with these features. So I went searching for a new RSS app that has them and found Mr. Reader by Oliver Fürniß

Mr. Reader is a beautiful app that has all features that Reeder is missing, one of my favorite features is sending stories to Evernote, it sends the entire article not just the link which is worth it's weight in Gold. I can now use Evernote as an Instapaper type app where is just post the article automatically. No work to be done on my end. Currently Mr. Reader is only available on the iPad and it cost $3.99.

You can download it here:

Mr. Reader - Oliver Fürniß

Quip for iPad

Quip is a beautiful Twitter client for the iPad, it is $2.99 in the app store and worth every penny! With the tap of a finger you can expand conversations from Twitter and read the entire thread. It is missing a few notable features such as list, auto-refresh and mute filters. It is a nice compliment to Tweetbot.

  • tweets that are part of a conversation.
  • Retweets: tweets that have been retweeted 5+, 10+, 20+ or 50+ times.
  • Images: tweets that have images included.

Download Link: Quip - Glasshouse Apps

Developers Website

UPDATE: Quip is now known as Tweetglass

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Blogging from the iPad

The iPad often catches a bad rap for being nothing more than a consumption device. This may be true for some but I think it takes finding and using the right applications to really show off the power of the iPad. Not only is the iPad convenient because of its light weight and small size, it has tremendous battery life that you are not going to find with a laptop or netbook. I have put together a list of iPad applications that I use on a daily basis. Most of them are paid applications, I am not sure if there are any free applications that will substitute for these apps, all I know is these are 10 must have iPad applications!
  • iA Writer
  • GoodReader
  • Markdown Note
  • Downcast
  • Reeder
  • Dropbox
  • Evernote
  • iWorks (Keynote, Numbers, Pages)**
  • Procreate
  • Splashtop
[message type="info"]Technically there are 12 apps, I have included iWork's as 1 application. They are sold individually but are essential to your blogging needs. Well, at least Numbers is, never know when you need to mock-up a chart or graph. I will explain why I think each is important. [/message]
iA Writer – This is what I am using to write this thread, I feel this is hands down the best app for writing on the iPad. It is clean and works well, you can use iCloud and Dropbox to get your content out to where you want to share it. iA Writer - Information Architects, Inc.

GoodReader – I would say this is probably the best overall app that you could buy for an iPad, this should be the first app you buy or download. Just like a PS3, it only does everything! It has FTP access, you can download files, transfer files, edit .pdf’s and so much more. It offers easy access to Google Docs or your web server, you can also upload documents to iCloud or Dropbox as well as a few other cloud services. GoodReader for iPhone - Good.iWare Ltd.

Markdown Note – This app is just what is sounds like, it is Markdown text language. If you need to format your content then this is the app I recommend that check out. It is easy to use and it works great if you want to work between your iPad and your Mac as Markdown Note also has an OS X application. MarkdownNote - CodingRobots

Downcast – This is a Podcast viewer and manager. I know what you are thinking? "What does this have to do with blogging?" Well, you can gather great thoughts or listen to your favorite podcast while you are working, it will stream in the background, you can subscribe and also download a podcast for listening when you are offline. Downcast - Jamawkinaw Enterprises

Reeder – Much like Downcast this is an app for gathering great ideas. Reeder is a Google Reader application and it allows you to import your RSS feeds from Google Reader into this application. There are other apps that are free like Flipboard or Pulse that are similar and are free. I prefer Reeder though as I can pick which source and which story I want to read. Plus the layout is clean and it syncs and updates perfectly from Google Reader. Reeder for iPad - Silvio Rizzi

Dropbox – I am sure everyone with an iPad already has downloaded the Dropbox application. This is cloud storage at it finest. Easily share documents, music, pictures, etc., between your iPhone, iPod, iPad or your Mac. The application is free and once you set up your account Dropbox will give you XXX amount of free storage. You can also pay for extra storage if you need it. Dropbox - Dropbox

Evernote – Like Dropbox, Evernote syncs perfectly with all your iOS devices and your Mac. Evernote is great for webclips or audio notes. I may have an idea pop in my head when I am out and about, I grab my iPhone, do a quick voice note, put my spoken words into written words later when I get home. Evernote is more than that, though. It is a robust and feature packed application which lets you take pictures, videos, and create quick typed notes to go along with voice notes. Evernote - Evernote

iWorks – Numbers, Pages and Keynote are Apple’s version of Microsoft office. Numbers is probably my most used app of the 3. You can easily create spreadsheets or charts, write formulas and organize data. Keynote is great for presentations, if you want to add a slide show to your blog this is your app. Pages would probably be my least used app, at least in terms of needing it for my website/blog. Pages is perfect for resumes or reports, you can also create brochures and flyers. I guess if you have a professional blog then adding a resume would be a good idea, this is the app you would want then. All 3 of these sync perfectly with iCloud and you can easily share them to your Mac. In other words, build that spreadsheet on your iPad, fire up your Mac, open Numbers and your spreadsheet is already there via iCloud sync. Pages - Apple  / Keynote - Apple  / Numbers - Apple

Procreate – This is like a mini Photoshop (which is also a great free app), I am talking about the desktop version of Photoshop though. If you want to add pictures to your blog or webpage, this app is great for editing pics you may have or cropping out things you may not want to show on your webpage. An example, I do a lot of posts about the iPad and I take screenshots on my iPad to use as examples. Sometimes my personal email is showing, so I fire up Procreate and black out my email address. There are many other uses but that is something that I use Procreate for almost daily. procreate - Savage Interactive Pty Ltd

Splashtop – This is not really a blogging tool, but it can be a very handy app if you are blogging away from home. Splashtop is a Remote Desktop app and will allow you to connect to your Mac when you are away from home. This can be useful if you are writing about something and you would like include a document with your post, but your document is at home on your Mac.  Fire up Splashtop, connect to your Mac, locate your file, add it to your Dropbox folder and it is now on your iPad in a matter of seconds! Splashtop Remote Desktop for iPad - Splashtop Inc.

The one type of application I have left off of here was an actual blogging application, and I did this for a reason. Most of the blogging apps are for iPhone only, from what I can tell only the WordPress application is native to the iPad. Some of the others: Blogger, Tumblr, Google+ and Posterous were all iPhone only at the time I wrote this, that may change in the future. This blog is powered by Wordpress even though it is hosted on my own server, so I use the Wordpress application.

Normally what I do is create my content and save and share it using Dropbox, open it up in the next application, then copy and paste to Wordpress app.  Most of the time I will leave my post in "draft" status until I am at my iMac then I will proofread it and publish it. I could publish from the iPad and it would work the same but I like to check my images and links when I get home on my iMac.


I originally wrote this post about 6 months ago on my personal blog. I figured this would be a good place to share it as well as update it with a few more apps that I am using on a day to day basis to blog or write on my iPad. You will notice how I ended this original post saying that I could not find a decent blogging app for the iPad, well that has changed and I found and love Blogsy for the iPad, I even had the Blogsy devs on my weekly podcast to talk about Blogsy.

My updated apps:

Blogsy - Fomola - This is now my go to blogging app on my iPad. It does everything I need it to do and then some. It even allows me to push to both my blogs as well as my Tumblr site.
iPhoto - Apple - iPhoto was not out when I originally wrote this post, with iPhoto now I can share entire albums/journals and paste links to share my photos with the world as well as make a few edits to images I may want to include in my post on the fly. Great app, universal and very affordable at $4.99.
SoundCloud - SoundCloud Ltd. - This is another app that was not available when I originally wrote this post or if it was I did not know about it, with SoundCloud now I can share audio in my post and grab the links right from the app, or if you use Tumblr you can post it right in the application. Best of all, this app is free.

Paper Monsters for iPad

This is a universal iPad and iPhone app, it is $0.99 in the app store:
Paper Monsters for iPad - Crescent Moon Games

The Mac version of this game is currently $2.99, at the time of the video I purchased it for $1.99:
Paper Monsters for Mac - Crescent Moon Games

NOTE: If you are watching this in iTunes be sure to check out for download links and more videos and tips.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Instacast HD

Instacast HD is an iPad/iPhone podcatcher or podcast application. It is not a universal application so you will have to purchase for both your iPad and iPhone if you have both or want it on both devices. I personally only use it on my iPad currently. It is a very minimalistic in design and works great. I also reviewed Downcast and in my opinion you can't go wrong with either app.


Instacast HD - Vemedio
Instacast - Vemedio