Tuesday, February 19, 2013

How to download videos onto your iPad

This is an iPad video tip on how to download videos from YouTube, Vimeo, or any HTML5 video online onto your iPad. I seen a post yesterday on Macstories about a YouTube downloader 'hack' that looked like an interesting way to grab videos. In the article Mr. Viticci mentions that he was using GoodReader with this method of downloading videos. Well GoodReader already has the ability to download movies from sites like YouTube built right into the application, well not built into the app but a way to add a Safari shortcut that works similar to what was written on Macstories.

Who knows how long before this stops working or maybe even Apple will force GoodReader to remove this from the app? I hope not as I use all the time but mostly just for my own videos I have uploaded on YouTube. I have a lot of personal family videos videos that I keep private and sometimes I like to mashup those videos using vjay on my iPad.

Don't own GoodReader on your iPad? You can grab it from the iOS App Store for $4.99:
GoodReader for iPad - Good.iWare Ltd.

Works great on the iPhone as well:
GoodReader for iPhone - Good.iWare Ltd.

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