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Reflector + Reflector Director

NOTE: This is a two-part review, I will be reviewing both Reflector as well as Reflector Director for iOS. The reason being is that Reflector Director does not work without Reflector so reviewing both applications makes a more complete review. Also, I will only be reviewing the Mac version of Reflector. While Reflector does offer a Windows app, I am a Mac user and do not own a Windows computer nor do I have Windows installed on my Mac via Bootcamp.

Have you ever wanted to mirror your iPad or iPhone to your Mac? Do not own a Mac? What about to your Windows computer then? How about to an Amazon fireTV? If you have answered yes to any of those above then Reflector 2 is the application you are looking for. Reflector is a powerful screen-capturing, device mirroring application available for both the Mac and Windows. It only cost $14.99, but if you are not sure if it is right for you there is a 7-day free trial!

What is mirroring good for?
Streaming movies or videos to your device that doe…

Switcher Studio

Switcher Studio is a mobile video app that lets you sync up to four iPhones and iPads to record and stream LIVE video to services like YouTube and Ustream. Insert photos and graphic overlays, manage multi-view effects, and more.

I have not yet played with this so I cannot give my opinion on it yet. I just wanted to share this because it looks very interesting both because it is related to iPad and video production, two of my passions. The app is free to download, and I believe they offer a free service as well. For more information head over to the Switcher Studio website.