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Kelux Thumb Grips for PS4 and Xbox One

Kelux PS4 thumb grips are a certified win. Any gamer looking to elevate their game and have better control over their thumb-sticks needs to invest in a set of these. You can get 10 of them, a set of 5 for only $9.99 on Amazon;

Each of the grips comes in a different height with each set having a different grip pattern on the top. Any gamer playing any FPS game needs to check these out. Not just first-person shooter games either, I have been using these for game like Fallout 4 and NBA 2K16 and I personally feel it is a better experience for those types of games as well.

If the tall grips are not your thing the smaller grips don't offer much other than giving the thumb-sticks a better feel (grip) when gaming. Especially after hours of playing when your hands are sweating, I felt I had better control over the thumb-sticks with the grips on them.

I also wanted to mention that even though these say they are for the PlayStation 4, I have tried them on my Xbox Eli…

Afterglow LVL 1 PS4 Chat Headset (Review)

Are you currently using the crummy in-ear chat headset that came with your PlayStation 4? You know, that ear piece that is way too big and hurts your ear after 2 minutes of usage? If so and you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to use as a chat headset then I highly recommend you check out the Afterglow LVL 1. It retails for about $14.99 and is a much better option than the included PS4 headset.

I bought the Afterglow LVL 1 about a month ago to use for those times when I need a microphone but do not necessarily want a big bulky headset (Pulse Elite, PS Silver) on my head! The chat headset that Sony includes with the PS4 is crap, it does not stay in my ear and it hurts after using it for several minutes. The Afterglow LVL 1 in not ideal if you are wanting headphones and I don't recommend allowing your game audio to come through the headset. I normally change the settings for PS4 in the Settings menu so that game audio goes through my television and chat goes through the …

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (review)

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller retails for $149.99 if you can find it. The Elite controller initially launched on November 22, 2015 but it has been really hard to find in stock. Even throughout the holiday season the Xbox Elite controller was never in stock at any of the retails stores I tried purchasing the controller from (Best Buy, GameStop, Target) nor was I ever able to find it online through Amazon. But finally, after 2+ months I came across the Elite controller in a GameStop and without hesitation purchased it on sight.

Let me start by saying the Elite controller is a must have for any gamer who wants to up their gaming domination in online play. The ability to map the buttons to meet your indivual play style is a huge plus for console gaming. Of course on the PC gamers have been able to do this for as long as I can remember? On the console the ability to do this is realitvely new, and while the Elite is not the first controller to offer this ability it is the first offic…

Deacon Won't Exit his Power Armor

I had an issue with not being able to get Deacon to exit his Power Armor. No matter what I did he just kept going on about his Recall Code and asking me if I read it or not. I had forgot that he had given me the Recall Code earlier in the game, which I did read it then but I did not read it to him. So once Deacon entered his Power Armor and I tried to get him to exit the Power Armor he just kept going on about this Recall Code.

I didn't have the Recall Code on me, it was in a storage bin at Sanctuary, so the dialogue to read the Recall Code never appeared. Once I had the Recall Code paper in my possession I was able to talk to Deacon, and have the Read Recall Code dialogue as an available option. Once I read it to him, Deacon talks with me about not trusting anyone in the Commonwealth and when he finishes you can now Talk with him again and ask him to Exit the Power Armor.

I have seen a few people ask about this on Twitter and Reddit, and if you do a Google search you will see …

Fallout Apple Watch Face

Earlier today I seen a Tweet from a Bethesda employee about a Pip-Boy inspired Apple Watch face, so I Google'd that and came up with this;

Fallout Anthology

Fallout Anthology is a collectors edition game bundle for Fallout that includes 5 different Fallout games plus a mini nuke collectible case for your games! This is for the PC / Windows only.

The five games you get are as followed:

1. Fallout
2. Fallout 2
3. Fallout Tactics
4. Fallout 3*
5. Fallout: New Vegas

* (One thing to note: Fallout 3 is not optimized for Windows 7/8/10 but you can play it, you just need to adjust your screen resolution!)

This is a great collector edition set for any Fallout fan. While this collector set does not include Fallout 4, there is a Fallout 4 disc jewel (cardboard case) included so that if you buy or already own Fallout 4 on disc you can complete your Fallout collection! I personally purchased Fallout 4 on disc just so I could own the complete collection, which some people may not care about but personally it bugged me so I bought it. I know own Fallout 4 on the PC twice, Xbox One and the PS4.

Other notable features for this collectors set, the mini nu…

Fallout 4 Review for new Fallout Players

If you do not yet own Fallout 4 and are wondering if you should buy it or not, the answer is a resounding YES! It is a fun, casual game that any style of gamer will enjoy. Maybe the biggest question I see asked is; “Do I need to have played the other Fallout game to understand Fallout 4?” No!

My video review above is more of an opinion of the game for those who might be new to the Fallout franchise, and less of a review of Fallout 4 in general. I don’t really go into too much detail about any one particular aspect of Fallout 4 but I do touch on most of the important aspects of the game that someone thinking about Fallout 4 should know!

I have put in over 300+ hours into Fallout 4 on three different platforms; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I have more or less played every single day since November 10, 2015, the day it launched to the public! While there are some differences between the different platforms, most of that revolves around Fallout 4 mods and as of right now that is onl…

Sony Silver PlayStation Headset

I recently purchased the PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset to use with my PS4, so I wanted to write a few of my thoughts about it. I have owned several different PlayStation headsets for both the PS3 and the PS4 so instead of saying the Silver headset is the best or worst I am just going to give my opinion on it after using it for a couple of weeks. This is just a few thoughts on the things that I liked and the things that I didn’t.

Also note that this is my personal opinion and some of things may or may not work the same for you as they do for me. As an example, my head may be bigger/smaller than yours so the headset may be more/less comfortable to me than the headset will be for you. With that said, let me get started!

Things I like
The headset is very comfortable for me to wear for the most part, it does not dig into the top of my skull or my ears. What I mean by that is some headsets are uncomfortable when wearing them for long periods of time, especially when the headset is …

Fallout 4 Pocket Watch

So I don't own this and haven't bought it yet but I am seriously thinking about it. Not only because it is a Fallout 4 item but because I have always wanted a pocket watch, this just gives me a good reason to actually buy one!

Buy it here;