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Razer Firefly

Buy the Razer Firefly on Amazon for $49.99;

Off the rip I want to mention it looks great with the lights off at night. I have a white desk so the lights do not really light up the desk well in the day or with the lights on. I imagine if I had a black desk or a darker colored desk it would light-up better in the day or with the lights on.

It is a very sturdy mouse pad, well made, it is a harder rubber/plastic and has a good smooth sliding surface for the mouse. My mouse slides much more naturally when gaming vs. just using my mouse on my desk without the mouse pad. The rubber bottom keeps it in place, I have yet to notice it sliding on my desk while gaming. Even though the surface size is around 14" x 10", I almost wished it was a tad bigger, maybe 18" x 14".

You can adjust the lights via the Razer Synapse app (free) and change the colors and light patterns of the mouse pad. The Synapse app works with both Windows and Microsoft. The Firefly …

Nintendo 3DS XL - Hyrule Edition

This was just a short un-boxing video of my Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition. Honestly I think un-boxing videos are ridiculous so I figured i would add to that ridiculousness of the genre. I already posted a few of my rants about this handheld console. I don't think they were rants, I think they were more like head scratches than anything else.

I did not do any research about this 3DS XL, I just knew that it was for sale about 6 months ago and that I missed out on it. I had recently been looking at purchasing a new DS and I wanted the 3DS because my other DS was just the basic DS XL, the non-3DS variety. I do own the smaller 3DS but I prefer the larger device with the larger screen size, mostly for the size of the device more than the screen. I just think it feels better in the hand. My hands are too big for the smaller 3DS or at least it feels like my hands are too big for it.

After 5 days with this I am enjoying it. I am only playing The Legend of Zelda games on this, so as a Zel…

WTF Nintendo?

I recently bought a "New" Nintendo 3DS Hyrule Edition for my gaming needs. While I really like the device I am left baffled at two aspects of my purchase. The first was the fact that the "New" 3DS did not come with a power cable to charge the portable device. That sort of left a foul taste in my mouth at the greediness of not including the one item needed to enjoy my purchase. I was able to find a third-party charger from GameStop for $10 so in the end it wasn't that big of a deal.

My second bit of confusion was the placement of the SD card slot on the "new" 3DS. Why Nintendo just didn't make an easy access slot for the memory card is beyond me. I actually had to go to YouTube and search how to replace the SD card on the "new" 3DS because I didn't know where the heck it was. Maybe kids were sticking things in the slot and it was causing damage to the older 3DS handheld consoles?

On the bright side the Hyrule Edition did come with a 4…

Fallout 4 Wikia App

Fallout 4 Wikia app for both iPhone and Android. Free to download in both the App Store and the Play Store. Highly recommended, a much better experience than using the site in the mobile browser!

Another great feature is the fact that you can also view information for the other Fallout games, not just Fallout 4 which makes this app even better.


Fallout 4 Weapon Codes

I wanted to document all the item codes in Fallout 4 for personal use and I figured I would share my list as well. This is a personal project for me to use as a reference for Fallout 4 on the PC. For more details about using console commands on the PC for Fallout 4 check you should be able to find everything you are looking for there. If you do have a question feel free to ask below. 
PS: I am also uploading a screenshot of each weapon for reference, I am going to link them to a Google+ Photo album. Just click the weapon name if you care to see what each weapon looks like! This is an ongoing project so not all weapons may have images uploaded yet. 
0.44 – 00148B45 0.44 Pistol000CE97D 10mm – 0005DF2D 10mm – 00004822 2076 World Series Baseball Bat – 000E9A43 Alien Blaster – 000FF995 Anchor – 00144A6C Artillery Smoke Grenade – 0012E2CA Ash Maker – ????????     Assault Rifle – 0000463F Assaultron Laser – 000DD4B1 Automatic Laser Musket – ????????     AX90 Fury – ?????…

Stardew Valley - Initial Thoughts

A few thoughts; very fun game, the relaxing type of game that you will enjoy spending hours of playing time on. Sort of reminded me of Harvest Moon if I had to pick a game it was similar to. Overall this is a family friendly game so you can play it with your kids if you have any or if not you can sit down and enjoy it for yourself. There are a ton of objectives to do in the game and honestly it is one of those games where you sit down and start playing and don't realize you have played as many hours as you have.

A few of the in-game features include farming, trading, selling and even some combat in it among other things. If you are a casual gamer and want a nice relaxing game to waste hours and hours on then pick this up in the Steam store, it is only $14.99;

Visit the game website;

I plan to write more about Stardew Valley after I have spent at least a week playing it, so far I only have about 2 and 1/2 hours wh…