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Neewer Variable ND Filter (ND2–400) for the Phantom 4

Here is another ND filter for the Phantom 4 that I purchased. I have several different filters for my Phantom 4 and as usual I am writing about them, how they work, and a few thoughts on the accessory in general. I can say that this Neewer filter is a good buy for the money. It does a great job on bright sunny days, which is the intended purpose of these filters. A few thoughts on the filter; the first thing I liked was the packaging, it comes in a hard plastic case with a soft foam inside to keep the filter protected when it is stored in your Phantom 4 backpack or carrying case. Which brings me to my next point, this filter is the screw-on variety and you will need to remove the lens filter that comes stock on your Phantom 4 in-order to use this filter. With that being said, once you take the stock filter off, the carrying case that comes with this Neewer filter is a great place to store the stock filter, so you do not misplace or lose it. Once the Neewer ND filter is screwed onto yo…

Phantom 4 + Facebook Live

Today the DJI Go app was finally updated to allow me to stream to Facebook Live. The biggest difference between streaming to FB Live and Periscope, or at least from what I can tell, Facebook Live uses the Go app to stream, while Periscope uses the actual Periscope app. I think the output to Facebook Live was much cleaner overall, I am not sure what sort of compression Periscope uses but it was awful in comparison.

I was on WiFi while streaming today, I plan on testing the streaming to Facebook Live on cellular tomorrow, it was really windy and it was about to rain so I am going to wait and hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Stay tuned! I still have not used the YouTube Live Streaming option, that is what I will test next! In a couple of weeks in Vermont we have a hot air ballon festival, I hope to fly my Phantom 4 close enough or high enough above them to get some good video footage. I do plan on live streaming to whichever service works the best, but I will most likely opt to stream to F…

Phantom 4 and Periscope

Today I tried to Periscope from my Phantom 4 for the first time and my experience was meh. This is a neat idea but it is not ideal, the quality is very poor, even when I was on WiFi the video quality looked very poor. Here is a live stream on cellular data, which I admit I only had about 2 - 3 bars of service; LIVE on #Periscope: Phantom 4 - Quechee, Vermont— christopher (@crizzonet) May 20, 2016Here is a live stream from my house, 15 feet or less from my WiFI router, full bars, still meh; LIVE on #Periscope: Phantom 4— christopher (@crizzonet) May 20, 2016As you can see, it didn’t make much of a difference in terms of quality — both streams looked like crap. I like the idea of being able to do this but I had a ton of issues; from my screen going black, to the audio not working, to people joining but the app still telling me I had zero viewers even though I seen the ’so and so just joined’ message. The biggest issue I see with trying thi…

Logic Keyboard skin for FCP X

No matter if you are a seasoned veteran of Final Cut Pro X or if you are just starting out, these keyboard skins are super useful when editing. There are so many keyboard shortcuts in FCP X that most of the time I forget that they are even there. Having a visual reminder is super useful as keyboard shortcuts make editing much quicker in my opinion. Between the different applications I use such as FCP X, Motion 5, Photoshop, Lightroom, Logic Pro X, etc., they all utilize keyboard shortcuts and it is hard keeping up with what is what, this skin helps with that.

Also, another aspect of the keyboard skin is it feels great to type on. Not sure how to describe it other than it softens the keys and feels better when typing. One thing I would keep in mind as well, I am not sure if the paint will wear off over time, so I most likely will remove it when I am not editing. But, the good thing is that these are cheap enough that even if the paint on the keys does wear-out they are affordable and…

Manfrotto Lumie Art (Lumimuse)

Grabbed a couple of these yesterday, I’m going to try and figure out a way to mount this to the Phantom 4. These are extremely lightweight (4 oz.) but are extremely illuminating, almost blinding. It shouldn’t affect the balance of the drone too much, but I’ll find out soon enough.

These are new products; they get about an hour of usage time; but, it takes about 3 hours to charge from 0% to 100%. It uses a standard micro USB to USB cable. It will work with an iPhone style charging brick, or just use your computer.
The LED light also comes with a filter, a defuser, and a ball / hot shoe mount to attach to a tripod.

There are 3 different light models; 4-LED, 6-LED, and 8-LED. The filters from the 6 and 8 model are swappable. The battery life on the 4-LED isn’t quite as good but it takes less time to charge.

This particular model I purchased is a 6-light LED portable lighting kit. It features three stops of lighting, 1-hour of lighting time, and a 420 @ LUX.

Lumimuse on Amazon: http:/…

Tung (beta)

Tung podcast app is by far the best podcast app I have ever used. Not only the design, but also the features of it. It isn't just an app, it is a social services as well where you can comment on podcast within the community. Think of it like a blog post with comments activated, but instead of reading an article you listen to it. After you listen you can add your own commentary and interact with others who have listened as well.

Currently it is in beta, as far as I know it is iOS only. You can sign up here; (just scroll to the bottom) — you need TestFlight ( and a free developer account from Apple ( as well to install the beta.

 The social features are great, you can also donate to a favorite podcast if you are into doing that sort of thing. This is a game changer.

PS: I am not in anyway associated with Tung, I have just been testing the app and wanted to help get the word out. I really enjoy podcast, I listen …

ProCraft Cases backpack for Phantom 4

I recently purchased a ProCraft Cases backpack to use with my Phantom 4 and I wanted to give a brief overview of the product; as well as some of my initial opinions. The most important aspect of this bag is that the Phantom 4 does indeed fit, this bag was designed for the Phantom 3 initially. That is one of the biggest problems with the Phantom 4 just launching, sellers are trying to market their products made for the Phantom 3 as being for the Phantom 4. Some things do work well, like ND filters, but other accessories might not work with the Phantom 4 being a bit different in design from the Phantom 3. So as I purchase these items I will probably do short demo videos and write-up reviews on the products as I get them. The outside of the ProCraft Cases backpack is made of a vinyl material that feels very well made. It has 2 straps that allow you to wear this over the shoulders — there is also a handle on top of the bag if you prefer to carry it. There are 6 pockets (including the pouc…