How to disable the Infrared Remote in OS X

If you have an Apple TV and it interferes with a Mac you have close-by, you can disable the remote function very easily. The above video shows you how to do so.

Repix for iPad and iPhone

Repix is not just filters, it is better filters! Filters that actually let you get creative; but the great thing about Repix is that you do not have to be an artist to create a masterpiece. It is simple to create or get creative you just need to play with the brushes and find that right touch to add to your photos. Of course can easily apply just 1 filter effect to your images and be done with it but where is the fun in that? Repix gives you total control of the effects that you add to your images, you can mix and match effects or you can add 1 effect to a portion of your image and add another effect to another portion. Again, you have total control!

Download Repix in the App Store:
Repix - Inspiring Photo Editor - Sumoing Ltd (iPad)
Repix - Inspiring Photo Editor - Sumoing Ltd(iPhone)