Gravie - Text on Video

This is a short review of Gravie for the iPad. Gravie is a universal application and will work with the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch as long as you are running at least iOS 6.0 and greater. Gravie is $1.99 in the App Store!

Gravie allows you to add text, text animations, clipart, clipart animations, filter effects (5) to your video, crop the video to different aspect ratios such as 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9, you can also import photos and/or audio tracks to add to your video. Gravie also has some sharing options such as YouTube, Facebook and export to camera roll. Once you get the hang of how to use Gravie you can create some wonderful video art.

You can choose from just under 100 graphic templates, there are plenty of themes to choose from, different visual filters that can be applied to your videos, you can also use your built-in camera to shoot footage within the application and then edit that footage within the app! You can also stitch together multiple videos to create a single composite clip. So much more.

Gravie is the fast and easy video making app that lets you make amazing videos at your fingertips.
Make your own video in minutes using our themes, graphic templates, clip arts. Record your own video or select from the recorded clips and recreate using various effects and styles.

That is the description given to Gravie within iTunes. It is fast, and it does let you make some amazing videos, but I am not so sure about the easy part! I feel it has a small learning curve because some of the functions do not feel as intuitive as I would like. I do not want to diminish the usefulness of the app by sounding negative but I also want to be honest in this short review. As an example; placing the in-points and out-points of text or clipart took me about 30 minutes or so to realize what exactly I needed to do. Then it took me about another 30 minutes to realize that I could not edit the audio track I imported, in other words you cannot start a song in the middle of the track. You can add music but it must start from the beginning. That does not work that well for all videos that you upload to Vine or Instagram, because they are so short and a lot of songs need to lead up to the punch to coincide with the video.

Another issue I ran into with Gravie is that it crashes when trying to use the “More Sharing Options.” While it is annoying that one of the features of the app does not work, you can easily to save to your camera roll and then upload to whichever service you choose using the app of said service. I do not consider that a deal breaker. One thing to note, this app has not been updated in about 5 months (December 2014) and iOS has had at least 2 updates since then and Gravie probably just needs to be updated to reflect those iOS changes. As far as I can tell everything else works flawlessly.

Would I recommend Gravie? Sure! For only $1.99 and the fact that it is universal I would say it is worth the purchase price when you consider how much you can do with this application. It does not offer any in-app purchases so for only $1.99 you are getting everything this app has to offer, which is a lot!

Download in the App Store for only $1.99