Xbox Elite Controller

The Good

  • Four grip buttons lessen the need to move thumbs off the sticks
  • Hair-trigger switch is useful for first-person shooters
  • Swappable, taller analog sticks make fine control a bit easier
  • Nice rubberized grips
  • Solid build quality and pleasing black-and-silver aesthetic

The Bad

  • Rear grip buttons are much too sensitive and make holding the controller somewhat awkward
  • Replacement d-pad feels a bit too squishy
  • Rounded analog stick option is slippery and near-useless

The Ugly

  • Paying $150 for a few features you want and a bunch you probably don’t
via; Ars Technica 

For the longest time I have said that the Playstation controller was the best controller. Not any longer. The PS4 controller sucks! The touch pad is way to big, the share and options button are flush and hard to press. Then the option button when it is not hard to press it is pressed accidentally because it is so close the square button. For me it is not comfortable to use!

I have been playing my Xbox One a lot and I actually much prefer the Xbox One controller over the PS4 controller. It feels more natural even though it is more bulky and much heavier. I will be buying an Elite controller at some point, probably not on day 1 though. I would love to see Sony come out with something similar because they really need something different. The PS controller design is flat and boring!

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