Kelux Thumb Grips for PS4 and Xbox One

Kelux PS4 thumb grips are a certified win. Any gamer looking to elevate their game and have better control over their thumb-sticks needs to invest in a set of these. You can get 10 of them, a set of 5 for only $9.99 on Amazon;

Each of the grips comes in a different height with each set having a different grip pattern on the top. Any gamer playing any FPS game needs to check these out. Not just first-person shooter games either, I have been using these for game like Fallout 4 and NBA 2K16 and I personally feel it is a better experience for those types of games as well.

If the tall grips are not your thing the smaller grips don't offer much other than giving the thumb-sticks a better feel (grip) when gaming. Especially after hours of playing when your hands are sweating, I felt I had better control over the thumb-sticks with the grips on them.

I also wanted to mention that even though these say they are for the PlayStation 4, I have tried them on my Xbox Elite controller and they worked fine on the Xbox controller as well. The tops of the PS4 thumb-sticks and the Xbox One thumb-sticks are almost identical in terms of size or radius of the top of the thumb-stick. So if you are not a PS4 gamer, but you are an Xbox One gamer these will work for you as well!

Afterglow LVL 1 PS4 Chat Headset (Review)

Are you currently using the crummy in-ear chat headset that came with your PlayStation 4? You know, that ear piece that is way too big and hurts your ear after 2 minutes of usage? If so and you are looking for an inexpensive alternative to use as a chat headset then I highly recommend you check out the Afterglow LVL 1. It retails for about $14.99 and is a much better option than the included PS4 headset.

I bought the Afterglow LVL 1 about a month ago to use for those times when I need a microphone but do not necessarily want a big bulky headset (Pulse Elite, PS Silver) on my head! The chat headset that Sony includes with the PS4 is crap, it does not stay in my ear and it hurts after using it for several minutes. The Afterglow LVL 1 in not ideal if you are wanting headphones and I don't recommend allowing your game audio to come through the headset. I normally change the settings for PS4 in the Settings menu so that game audio goes through my television and chat goes through the headset. Mostly because the sound will drown out the chat audio, especially in loud games with explosions and gunfire. The LVL 1 headset is not ideal for music either because they are single-sided, or they only have 1 headphone which you wear over your left ear. But for basic chatting ability so you can hear the person on the other end and they will be able to hear you then these are a great choice.

The Afterglow has a decent sound in terms of loudness, it also has a noise-canceling microphone which works fairly well, and the cable has a volume control switch and a mute button for the microphone. These are wired headphones so you do need to connect them to your PS4 controller using the 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom-side of your PS4 controller. The headset itself is very light, weighing less than a half-pound. The head strap is adjustable so you can adjust the headset if you have a larger head. The microphone can be pushed out of the way or adjusted to be placed at the same level as your mouth for a clearer sound. Another neat aspect is the headphone section actually swivels a tad so you can adjust it while wearing it so that it will give a better fit when on your head. The cable is long enough that it will not jerk off your head when connected to your PS4 controller. The ear cushion is decently thick so it will cushion the speaker against your outer ear nicely and does not hurt when pressed against the ear. The loudness for a single-sided headset is really good, much louder than the included PS4 chat headset. If you do have your game audio coming through the Afterglow LVL 1 it is decent, not ideal but they are loud enough that you will be able to hear everything and still enjoy your game.

LVL 1 - Ear Cushion
If you are wanting a chat headset that is inexpensive, sounds good, fits comfortably then the Afterglow LVL 1 is the headset you are looking for. If you are wanting something more than just a chat headset, check out my review of the Sony Silver PlayStation headphones. If you have you have any questions about the Afterglow LVL 1 chat headset feel free to leave a comment below.

You can purchase the Afterglow LVL 1 headset on Amazon for ONLY $12.00;

Afterglow LVL 5 Plus Stereo Headset for PS4

Xbox Elite Wireless Controller (review)

The Xbox Elite Wireless Controller retails for $149.99 if you can find it. The Elite controller initially launched on November 22, 2015 but it has been really hard to find in stock. Even throughout the holiday season the Xbox Elite controller was never in stock at any of the retails stores I tried purchasing the controller from (Best Buy, GameStop, Target) nor was I ever able to find it online through Amazon. But finally, after 2+ months I came across the Elite controller in a GameStop and without hesitation purchased it on sight.

Let me start by saying the Elite controller is a must have for any gamer who wants to up their gaming domination in online play. The ability to map the buttons to meet your indivual play style is a huge plus for console gaming. Of course on the PC gamers have been able to do this for as long as I can remember? On the console the ability to do this is realitvely new, and while the Elite is not the first controller to offer this ability it is the first official Xbox controller from Microsoft that does allow button mapping with a new array of paddles on a Xbox Controller. While I have only had the Elite controller for less than a week, I will say that getting used to a new configuration is awkward but I can really see how this will elevate my game play. Especially in first-person shooter games, where I think the Elite controller will shine the most.

Customizing the Elite controller is easy as the D-Pads and Thumbsticks are magnetically connected to the controller and they easily pop on and off. When I say easily that does not mean they will pop off when gaming though. The magnets seem really strong in terms of keeping the Thumbsticks and D-Pad connected to the Elite controller at all time. I have yet to encounter an issue with either the D-Pad or Thumbsticks popping off accidentally during game play! The Thumbsticks come in three different sizes, in terms of height. There is a small, medium, and a large height Thumbsticks. The small (short) and large (tall) Thumbsticks have an indented top and the medium height Thumbsticks has a domed top. The D-pad which comes in two different sizes are configured as a traditional D-pad (cross shaped) and a circular D-pad which still functions as the cross shaped D-pad but makes it easier to function presses such as north-west (instead Kim and Kanye joke here), north-east, south-west, and south-east. My current configuration is large (tall) Thumbsticks and the traditional D-pad. I also have my A-B buttons mapped to the right paddle buttons and the X-Y buttons mapped to the left paddle buttons.

You can also adjust the controllers Hair Trigger buttons so that you only need to pull back on the trigger about halfway. There are two toggle switches on the bottom of the controller that allow you to adjust the Hair Triggers to meet your desired feel for the controller. You can also deactivate the paddles on the bottom controller by double-pressing the Bind button on the top of the controller, next to the left bumper. The Bind button is normally used to sync the controller to the Xbox One, but Microsoft implemented a feature to allow the double-press of the button to turn the paddles on or off.

The Elite controller feels really nice in the hand, the handles on the Elite have a rubbery grip so they feel really good and sturdy in the hand. The Elite feels a tad heavier than the vanilla Xbox One controller, which the vanilla controller feels cheap in comparison with the Elite. The Elite weighs 348 grams (+/- 15 grams), depending on which configuration you are using with the Elite controller.

You also have the ability to set up multiple profiles for the Elite controller that will allow you to configure your Elite controller with different button mapping preferences. So let’s say you have configuration 1 for first-person shooter games and configuration 2 for MMORPG games. You can easily switch your desired controller configuration with the flick of a button. There is also a 3.5mm headphone jack on the bottom of the controller that will allow you to connect a set of headphones, along with the standard Xbox One Stereo Headset adapter jack that supports all Xbox One supported headsets.

The only downside is the Elite controller does not come with a recharable battery, but if you already own a Xbox One wireless controller you can use the batter from it with the Elite controller. While it would have been nice to see it included, I assume price was the main reason for it not coming with the Elite controller. Even if you don’t own a wireless controller already you can always use the green and black braided USB cable that comes with the Elite controller, it 9-foot long so it should be long enough for most gamers. You can also purchase an Elite charging kit that comes with a rechargeable batter and a nice charging station. I have already ordered myself a charging kit but at the time of this review I have not yet received it.

Overall the Elite controller is a huge win, I give it two enormous thumbs up! It is by far the best gaming controller I have ever used and in my opinion it is worth every dollar I have spent for it. I can't recommend this enough, if you are a serious Xbox or PC gamer then this is a must buy!

What is included

  • One Elite Wireless Controller
  • Two interchangeable D-pads
  • Three interchangeable Thumbsticks
  • One Carrying Case
  • One USB Cable
  • Two Double AA batteries


  • Xbox One
  • PC running Windows 7, 8.1, or 10

PS: I didn’t mention anything about using the Xbox Elite Controller app for setting up the Elite controller for mapping buttons, configuring the lights on the Elite controller, or the haptic feedback which you can adjust in the app because I plan on doing a separate review about that in the next day or two. I will link to it here after I am finished with it.

If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below. I will do my best to answer any questions about the Elite controller.

More information can be found on the website;

Deacon Won't Exit his Power Armor

I had an issue with not being able to get Deacon to exit his Power Armor. No matter what I did he just kept going on about his Recall Code and asking me if I read it or not. I had forgot that he had given me the Recall Code earlier in the game, which I did read it then but I did not read it to him. So once Deacon entered his Power Armor and I tried to get him to exit the Power Armor he just kept going on about this Recall Code.

I didn't have the Recall Code on me, it was in a storage bin at Sanctuary, so the dialogue to read the Recall Code never appeared. Once I had the Recall Code paper in my possession I was able to talk to Deacon, and have the Read Recall Code dialogue as an available option. Once I read it to him, Deacon talks with me about not trusting anyone in the Commonwealth and when he finishes you can now Talk with him again and ask him to Exit the Power Armor.

I have seen a few people ask about this on Twitter and Reddit, and if you do a Google search you will see quite a few people who have had a similar issue. I just figured I would do this short video for anyone who might have had a similar issue!

Fallout Anthology

Fallout Anthology is a collectors edition game bundle for Fallout that includes 5 different Fallout games plus a mini nuke collectible case for your games! This is for the PC / Windows only.

The five games you get are as followed:

1. Fallout
2. Fallout 2
3. Fallout Tactics
4. Fallout 3*
5. Fallout: New Vegas

* (One thing to note: Fallout 3 is not optimized for Windows 7/8/10 but you can play it, you just need to adjust your screen resolution!)

This is a great collector edition set for any Fallout fan. While this collector set does not include Fallout 4, there is a Fallout 4 disc jewel (cardboard case) included so that if you buy or already own Fallout 4 on disc you can complete your Fallout collection! I personally purchased Fallout 4 on disc just so I could own the complete collection, which some people may not care about but personally it bugged me so I bought it. I know own Fallout 4 on the PC twice, Xbox One and the PS4.

Other notable features for this collectors set, the mini nuke included does have the “mini nuke” sound that you find in Fallout games complete with the cha-ching sound at completion of the explosion, just like in the game. The mini nuke itself is made of plastic, it is not heavy at all, if I had to guess I’d say 2 pounds maximum. The paint job is great, it looks tarnished and matches how the mini nukes looks in-game.

I paid $49.99 for the Fallout Anthology collection which is a solid deal for 5 games plus a collectible. If you look on Steam you would pay $60 for the same 5 games and that would not include the mini nuke collectible. So not only is it cheaper to buy the Fallout Anthology collector set, you also get the mini nuke making it a much better buy for anyone interested in owning the complete collection!

You can buy on Amazon for $49.98;
GameStop also sells them for $49.99;

Need a Season Pass for Fallout 4?

Fallout 4 Review for new Fallout Players

If you do not yet own Fallout 4 and are wondering if you should buy it or not, the answer is a resounding YES! It is a fun, casual game that any style of gamer will enjoy. Maybe the biggest question I see asked is; “Do I need to have played the other Fallout game to understand Fallout 4?” No!

My video review above is more of an opinion of the game for those who might be new to the Fallout franchise, and less of a review of Fallout 4 in general. I don’t really go into too much detail about any one particular aspect of Fallout 4 but I do touch on most of the important aspects of the game that someone thinking about Fallout 4 should know!

I have put in over 300+ hours into Fallout 4 on three different platforms; PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. I have more or less played every single day since November 10, 2015, the day it launched to the public! While there are some differences between the different platforms, most of that revolves around Fallout 4 mods and as of right now that is only available for the PC. Mods are coming to the Xbox One sometime soon, but I am unsure about the PS4, right now I don’t think anyone knows if they will make it to the PS4 or not. At least from everything that I have read online the PS4 is still a question mark as to whether mods will make it to the PS4 or not. As far as gameplay or quest goes there isn’t anything different between the different platforms!

If you are thinking about purchasing Fallout 4 but have some questions about the game that I might not have mentioned in the video above, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer correctly or at least point you in the right direction!

Fallout 4 for the PlayStation 4;
Fallout 4 for the Xbox One;
Fallout 4 for the PC;

Sony Silver PlayStation Headset

I recently purchased the PlayStation Silver Wired Stereo Headset to use with my PS4, so I wanted to write a few of my thoughts about it. I have owned several different PlayStation headsets for both the PS3 and the PS4 so instead of saying the Silver headset is the best or worst I am just going to give my opinion on it after using it for a couple of weeks. This is just a few thoughts on the things that I liked and the things that I didn’t.

Also note that this is my personal opinion and some of things may or may not work the same for you as they do for me. As an example, my head may be bigger/smaller than yours so the headset may be more/less comfortable to me than the headset will be for you. With that said, let me get started!

Things I like

The headset is very comfortable for me to wear for the most part, it does not dig into the top of my skull or my ears. What I mean by that is some headsets are uncomfortable when wearing them for long periods of time, especially when the headset is the over the ear type of headset. The PlayStation Silver headset does not suffer from that issue. I have worn the Silver headset for up to about 4 hours of straight gameplay while streaming Fallout 4 to YouTube Gaming, during that time my ears never got sore as they do when I wear my Sony Pulse Elite headset. My Pulse Elite headset also digs into the top of my skull after about 30 minutes, the fit of that headset is just way too tight for my head. Maybe I just have a big hog head? Either way, the PlayStation Silver does not affect me in the way the Pulse Elite does when I am wearing them. The head mold is a cheaper plastic than the Pulse Elite so maybe Silver headset is just more stretch-y than the Pulse Elite? The fit of the headset is probably more important than any other aspect, maybe even more important than the sound. If you can't wear the headset then the sound does not really matter, does it?

The sound of the PlayStation Silver is decent, especially when you connect them directly to the PS4 and experience the 7.1 surround sound. This makes for a fantastic gaming experience, especially in FPS style games where you can hear footsteps of the enemy, this is a clearcut advantage for any gamer! While the PlayStation Silver headset sounds good, it is not anywhere close to the sound level of the Pulse Elite. It doesn't get quite loud enough for my taste when listening to music on my PS4, either in the YouTube app or if I load my own personal music. I have tried installing a few of the apps in the Headset Companion app which is free to download in the PS Store, but I didn't have much luck with increasing the volume level output.

When you have your Silver headset plugged directly into the PS4 you also get the ability to mute either the chat or the sound, or both. You can also increase or decrease the volume coming through the headset which is also great if you are wearing the headset while watching a film on your PS4 or even a YouTube video. The downside is you only have that option when it is wired to the PS4, if you plug it into the PS4 controller you lose that ability. The microphone also is the slide out type, you can tuck the microphone away when you are not using in-game chat or if you are not doing a Let's Play style stream and have no need for the microphone. The microphone quality is very good, or at least I have not had any of my PS4 friends complain about my microphone when chatting in game.

Another huge win for the PlayStation Silver headset is the price, for $20-$30 you can get a really good headset that offers 7.1 surround sound. Compare that to some of the offerings from Turtle Beach or any of the other top brand wired gaming headsets. A lot of those headsets cost in the triple digit range, or in the upwards of triple digits anyhow.

Things I don’t like

I only have two gripes and neither are deal breakers! My first gripe is the padding on the silver doesn’t feel that great on the ear. The padding reminds me of an itchy sweater that you just can’t wait to take off! The remedy to this is to buy a third party ear padding, which there are plenty of replacements on Amazon;
My other issue is the fact that you have to plug in the Silver headset to the PS4 in order to experience the full 7.1 surround sound effects through the headset. You can plug them into the PS4 controller while gaming, and while you will still get good in-game sound and be able to chat in-game, you lose the bonus of hearing all the background sounds that make headsets so great when gaming. The cable is 14 ft. long, but my issue is the PS4 not having enough USB ports to support everything I need connected at the same time. I do understand the the headset needs to be powered to support the 7.1 surround sound and that the controller just doesn’t offer enough power output to power the headset for 7.1 surround sound. This is a downside of having a wired headset, but it is a tradeoff I wanted to make, even if the Silver headset doesn’t work the exact way I want it to.

Final Thoughts

I am extremely happy with the PlayStation Silver headset and I would highly recommend them to anyone who is in the market for a wired headset. While the wireless headsets offer the benefit of well, being wireless, the wired headset offers the benefit of never having to worry about your headset dying mid-game! That is the number 1 reason I went with a wired headset, I stream daily and some times my streams may go on for 6 hours or longer and having a headset that I know will make it through the stream is very important to me! The PlayStation Silver offers everything I need in a quality gaming headset!

Buy the Sony Silver Wired Headset on Amazon;

More information about the Silver Wired Stereo Headset can be found on the website.

Fallout 4 Pocket Watch

So I don't own this and haven't bought it yet but I am seriously thinking about it. Not only because it is a Fallout 4 item but because I have always wanted a pocket watch, this just gives me a good reason to actually buy one!

Buy it here;