Cooler Master MasterCase 5 Pro

The MasterCase 5 Pro is a Free Form modular system that allows you to easily upgrade any hardware component inside your PC case. What Cooler Master defines as Free Form;

“Free Form enables you to vertically adjust or entirely remove drive cages via an intuitive clip-and-click panel, opening unparalleled flexibility to integrate replacement accessories like fans, water cooling reservoirs or even extra-long graphics cards.”

When choosing a case I wanted something that not only looked great but was also a beast in terms of being able to add more hardware to it as I built my gaming PC. Basically I wanted to future proof it in terms of having enough room on the inside for dual video cards, multiple hard-drives, water cooling options for when I overclock my machine, and something that was easy to manage. The MasterCase 5 Pro was that case! Look at the design of it, the black on it is sort of a matte black which gives it an even more bad ass look to it. The thing looks like the frigging Batmobile from the front:

The front

Installing peripherals like my SSD or my Bluray drive was simple, each component just snapped into place. For the SSD Cooler Master uses a “Slip-and-clip SSD pocket” that allows me to easily install my SSD below my motherboard which helped with cable management as well as allows me to hide my SSD for a cleaner looking setup inside the case. With the MasterCase Pro being modular that means I can mod the outside of the case as well, it seems like every single section of this case is removable. Cooler Master even has an online store where I can order additional parts for my case. This gives me the option to personalize in a way most other PC cases do not, as well as giving me that option to do so with ease.

Modular design

The MasterCase Pro is a mid-tower sized case so it's big in terms of size and weight. It being a mid-tower means it can support more peripherals such as up to three extra long video cards, you can fit up to five HDDs (3.5”), there are two front panel slots for a DVD/Bluray/CD drives, etc. Everything is a clip or a hand screw for this case, it supports up to a 240mm radiator for water cooling. Just take my word for it, this thing is a powerhouse and if you are looking for a beast of a case then this is it. I don’t have many complaints about the case, matter of fact I could only think of two.

One thing I have noticed is the power button is constantly being pressed on accident whenever I go to remove something from the front USB slot, or maybe I am just accidentally pressing it? I have noticed this happen also with the headphone/microphone jack on the front as well. I will remove something and next thing I know my PC is shutting down. I sort of wished they would have put the the power button and the restart switch in a different place on the front of the case. I believe what is happening is my thumb is using the front of the case as leverage for pulling out the USB device which is causing the power button to be pressed. This case just happens to have one of those USB slots that fits very tightly so when I do press the power button it is because I am doing so without thought. I go to wiggle the USB device / cable out of the slot and my thumb just lays on the button.

My gaming PC setup

The only other thing I didn’t like were the fans that it shipped with had very short power cables on them. While it wasn’t a huge issue because I had adapters that came with my power supply it would have been nice to not need them. I can’t complain because it did come with 3x 140mm fans which means I didn’t have to buy them. I plan on going with red LED fans in the future anyhow so these will most likely get replaced soon. The cable length is not a deal breaker just something that I thought I would mention.

Overall I am extremely happy with this purchase. As I get back into PC gaming more and more I am starting to get all sorts of crazy ideas about certain things that I want to add to my PC. I know with the MasterCase 5 Pro that I will have enough room to support almost everything that I want to add to my gaming rig. I have zero problems recommending this case to anyone who is in the market for one!

The Cooler Master MasterCase Pro 5 is available on Amazon for $130;
For more info, visit the Cooler Master website;