Razer Firefly

Buy the Razer Firefly on Amazon for $49.99; http://amzn.to/1XpdXDr

Off the rip I want to mention it looks great with the lights off at night. I have a white desk so the lights do not really light up the desk well in the day or with the lights on. I imagine if I had a black desk or a darker colored desk it would light-up better in the day or with the lights on.

It is a very sturdy mouse pad, well made, it is a harder rubber/plastic and has a good smooth sliding surface for the mouse. My mouse slides much more naturally when gaming vs. just using my mouse on my desk without the mouse pad. The rubber bottom keeps it in place, I have yet to notice it sliding on my desk while gaming. Even though the surface size is around 14" x 10", I almost wished it was a tad bigger, maybe 18" x 14".

You can adjust the lights via the Razer Synapse app (free) and change the colors and light patterns of the mouse pad. The Synapse app works with both Windows and Microsoft. The Firefly also works with Chroma enabled apps such as games and that will change the mouse color when in-game if you have allowed it to do so, this offers a much more immersive user experience when gaming. It is totally optional though, so you can keep Chroma apps disabled if you like and just keep your lights setup to however you want them to look. There are 5 different lighting effects you can apply to the Firefly as well as totally turning the lights off, which wouldn't make sense because you are paying $50-$60 for a mouse pad that lights up. You can also control the brightness with 3 different settings; dim, normal, and bright. There is a wide range of colors and I am not 100% sure but I think something like 16.8 million different color patterns to choose from.

Overall it is a great product and I highly recommend it, although it is a tad expensive and other than the lights it doesn't offer much over a $5-10 mouse pad. It is well made. If I had to rate it on just being a mouse pad is a solid 10/10.

 UPDATE: I also should have mentioned, the logo lights up as well as around the outer under-base of the mouse pad.