Nintendo 3DS XL - Hyrule Edition

This was just a short un-boxing video of my Nintendo 3DS XL Hyrule Edition. Honestly I think un-boxing videos are ridiculous so I figured i would add to that ridiculousness of the genre. I already posted a few of my rants about this handheld console. I don't think they were rants, I think they were more like head scratches than anything else.

I did not do any research about this 3DS XL, I just knew that it was for sale about 6 months ago and that I missed out on it. I had recently been looking at purchasing a new DS and I wanted the 3DS because my other DS was just the basic DS XL, the non-3DS variety. I do own the smaller 3DS but I prefer the larger device with the larger screen size, mostly for the size of the device more than the screen. I just think it feels better in the hand. My hands are too big for the smaller 3DS or at least it feels like my hands are too big for it.

After 5 days with this I am enjoying it. I am only playing The Legend of Zelda games on this, so as a Zelda fan I am happy with my purchase. If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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PS: I have no idea why I kept referring to it as the 3D XL. :(