WTF Nintendo?

I recently bought a "New" Nintendo 3DS Hyrule Edition for my gaming needs. While I really like the device I am left baffled at two aspects of my purchase. The first was the fact that the "New" 3DS did not come with a power cable to charge the portable device. That sort of left a foul taste in my mouth at the greediness of not including the one item needed to enjoy my purchase. I was able to find a third-party charger from GameStop for $10 so in the end it wasn't that big of a deal.

My second bit of confusion was the placement of the SD card slot on the "new" 3DS. Why Nintendo just didn't make an easy access slot for the memory card is beyond me. I actually had to go to YouTube and search how to replace the SD card on the "new" 3DS because I didn't know where the heck it was. Maybe kids were sticking things in the slot and it was causing damage to the older 3DS handheld consoles?

On the bright side the Hyrule Edition did come with a 4GB card so I had plenty of memory out of the box, just not the 32GB that I upgraded to.