FIVE must have accessories you should purchase with your Phantom 4

  • Extra battery - I’d recommend two extra batteries but they are expensive so at the minimum at least get one extra battery. The battery last about 25+ minutes or so, depending on what you are doing with your Phantom 4. If you are in Sports mode, flying fast, then the battery will drain quicker or at least it seems that way to me! I currently have three batteries and I am seriously thinking about adding a fourth to my arsenal.
  • Bigger capacity MicroSD card - The Phantom 4 comes with a 16GB memory card which is just not enough storage capacity to be useful for most video shoots, especially if shooting in 4K. I’d opt for at least 64GB. Make sure it is 4K Ultra HD ready, faster write speeds are a bonus too! Currently I have two 64GB cards plus the 16GB card that came with the Phantom 4. I use the 16GB card for still images and the bigger cards for video.
  • Phantom 4 Propellers - If you are new to unmanned ariels / drones then you might not have heard but accidents happen, often. Usually the propellers are the first things to break so I advise stocking up a couple extra propellers from day one. Nothing will ruin your flight time like the lack of a propeller. You can buy a 2-pack for $10-$15, I’d opt for at least three 2-packs. Your Phantom 4 comes with 8 in total, you can never have enough!
  • Remote Controller Monitor Hoods - Flying outside on a bright sunny day makes it nearly impossible to see the screen on an iPad (or most other tablets) or an iPhone (most smart-phones) so this is a must have as well. These are cheap but they are a life saver when flying, especially if you want to capture spectacular video footage or imagery and you are not shooting in auto-mode, your footage will thank you when you are able to see what you’re adjusting.
  • Back Pack Carrying Case - The case that comes with the Phantom 4 is nice but it is very limited. You can only carry 3 batteries. An iPad doesn’t fit in the case. You cannot carry it on your back so depending on the terrain you are shooting from it can be a pain having to carry the bulky case. I live in New England, surrounded by mountains, climbing steep, rocky terrain is a challenge sometimes having to carry both the Phantom 4 case and my iPad. Also, I don’t believe the case that comes with the Phantom 4 will fit in an overhead compartment on an airplane. I ordered my bag a couple of days ago and I hope to have it by this weekend, I will write a separate review on that after I get it. I also have a travel style bag on wheels that is really handy that I use for carrying my Phantom 4 as well.

Bonus Items

  • PhotoFast - Card reader for your iOS device. The DJI Go app only stores 720p video in the app which means if you want to upload the footage you will need to export it from the card to your device, of course you can use the cables to manage that but not buy this device and just pop in the MicroSD card and transfer your footage more quickly?
  • MicFlip Reversible Micro USB cable - If you are using an Android device that uses Micro USB then you will want this cable. Not only is the cable braided so it won’t tangle, but it is also reversible making it more convenient when connecting your device to the remote control.