WinnerGear MicFlip Reversible Micro USB Cable

Do you dislike the way some cables will only plug into your device one way? What if your other tech devices that used Micro USB worked the same way that the iPhone’s Lightning cable worked? What if your Micro USB device cable worked the same way as USB-C ports on some newer devices worked where you can plug the cable into the device either way? Enter the WinnerGear MicFlip reversible Micro USB cable.

I am being serious when I say I really like the fact that the cables are reversible, it just takes something simple in life and further simplifies it. There are many devices in the world that use Micro USB and some that I personally use daily, some of those devices include; Xbox controller, PS4 controller, external hard drives, cameras, smartphones, tablets, etc., just to name a few. I am constantly moving my external HDD between my iMac and my MacBook Air, so it is nice to have a cable that is smart enough to work in either position. I have been using this MicFlip cable for a week now and honestly I didn’t even realize that reversible Micro USB cables existed until I got my hands on this one. I shoot a lot of video so I am constantly moving files from my cameras to external drives to my iMac so having this cable just makes my work easier, a true plug and play device if you will.

There are a lot of things in this world that make me ask myself “why do things work this way?” Then there are things in this world that make me say “why do more things not work a certain way?” The MicFlip happens to be the latter! Although I am seeing more devices that support reversible cables such as USB-C supported devices or Lightning (Apple devices) cables, I still own way more devices that use cables that are not reversible

So if you want a nice looking cable, that does not tangle and you can connect it to any device that supports Micro USB in either orientation then checkout the MicFlip from WinnerGear. Especially if you are into photography or even videography, this is something every photog should have in their bag. The MicFlip is a well designed and hassle-free Micro USB solution, and I highly recommended it!

Who is WinnerGear? Well, they are a company who ran a successful Indiegogo campaign for this very cable. How successful? This cable raised almost $150,000. That is some serious cheddar for a reversible cable, but it also shows that others in the world feel the same way about the ease of use with plugging cables into their devices as I do.

A bit about the MicFlip reversible cable;
  • Braided cable - Which means it is tangle-free
  • It features an aluminum shell
  • Gold coating - Which means it is corrosion resistance
  • Comes in 3 different colors - silver, gold, red/black
  • Comes in 3 sizes - 20cm (8 inches), 100cm (3 ft+), 200cm (6ft+)
  • Price - $19.99 (usd)

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