Neewer Variable ND Filter (ND2–400) for the Phantom 4

Here is another ND filter for the Phantom 4 that I purchased. I have several different filters for my Phantom 4 and as usual I am writing about them, how they work, and a few thoughts on the accessory in general. I can say that this Neewer filter is a good buy for the money. It does a great job on bright sunny days, which is the intended purpose of these filters.

A few thoughts on the filter; the first thing I liked was the packaging, it comes in a hard plastic case with a soft foam inside to keep the filter protected when it is stored in your Phantom 4 backpack or carrying case. Which brings me to my next point, this filter is the screw-on variety and you will need to remove the lens filter that comes stock on your Phantom 4 in-order to use this filter. With that being said, once you take the stock filter off, the carrying case that comes with this Neewer filter is a great place to store the stock filter, so you do not misplace or lose it.

Once the Neewer ND filter is screwed onto your Phantom 4 camera, you can adjust the filter to your desired setting. The filter range goes from ND2 to ND400. The filter setting from minimum to maximum made a great difference in color, where the lower setting was much more brighter and colorful, while the higher setting was still very colorful but much darker. My photos and videos were much darker and had a much deeper color to them. I believe this filter uses 2 filters and changing the setting from minimum to maximum is supposed to allow in less light.

Here are two un-processed images, top image is set on minimum and the bottom image was with the Neewer ND filter set on maximum:



This filter is better suited for photography rather than video — on video I much prefer a higher natural density filter, like a ND8 filter or above. Or course this is the preference of the creator, I am just stating what I like and prefer. Overall this is a great buy for less than $20.

If you are flying a Phantom 4 for aerial photography I would highly recommend you invest in some sort of ND filter, if not this particular one. If you are using your Phantom 4 for mostly videography then check out this review I did of the Polar Pro ND filters and circular polarizer; Both filters are a great buy and as you can see I purchased both sets. I do like this Neewer filter because I can easily adjust the filter without having to remove anything, just a simple twist of the filter and I am back to flying again.

Buy on Amazon, currently on sale for only $17.99

If you have any questions, feel free to DM me on Twitter @crizzonet.