Phantom 4 + Facebook Live

Today the DJI Go app was finally updated to allow me to stream to Facebook Live. The biggest difference between streaming to FB Live and Periscope, or at least from what I can tell, Facebook Live uses the Go app to stream, while Periscope uses the actual Periscope app. I think the output to Facebook Live was much cleaner overall, I am not sure what sort of compression Periscope uses but it was awful in comparison.

I was on WiFi while streaming today, I plan on testing the streaming to Facebook Live on cellular tomorrow, it was really windy and it was about to rain so I am going to wait and hope it doesn’t rain tomorrow. Stay tuned!

I still have not used the YouTube Live Streaming option, that is what I will test next! In a couple of weeks in Vermont we have a hot air ballon festival, I hope to fly my Phantom 4 close enough or high enough above them to get some good video footage. I do plan on live streaming to whichever service works the best, but I will most likely opt to stream to Facebook since I have the potential to get many more eyes on the video. If you want to follow me on Facebook or send me friend request;