ProCraft Cases backpack for Phantom 4

I recently purchased a ProCraft Cases backpack to use with my Phantom 4 and I wanted to give a brief overview of the product; as well as some of my initial opinions.

The most important aspect of this bag is that the Phantom 4 does indeed fit, this bag was designed for the Phantom 3 initially. That is one of the biggest problems with the Phantom 4 just launching, sellers are trying to market their products made for the Phantom 3 as being for the Phantom 4. Some things do work well, like ND filters, but other accessories might not work with the Phantom 4 being a bit different in design from the Phantom 3. So as I purchase these items I will probably do short demo videos and write-up reviews on the products as I get them.

The outside of the ProCraft Cases backpack is made of a vinyl material that feels very well made. It has 2 straps that allow you to wear this over the shoulders — there is also a handle on top of the bag if you prefer to carry it. There are 6 pockets (including the pouch) on the outside of the bag that allows you to store other accessories for your Phantom 4; such as: batteries, cables, ND filters, cleaning cloths, etc. This backpack also comes with a raincoat to make it water resistant should it start to rain while you are out flying your Phantom 4, which will help not only keep your Phantom 4 dry; but, also your devices like your tablet or laptop.

There is also a strap on the bottom of the bag that you can wrap around your waist to keep the backpack nice and secure against the body. This strap is ideal if you are climbing rocky areas or even riding a bike while wearing this backpack. It will keep the backpack from bouncing around and help keep it from damaging any of your contents on the inside of the backpack. The backpack also has buckles that attach the front of the bag to the back of the bag, which is double protection for keeping the bag shut incase you forget to zip a zipper all the way closed.

The padding on this bag is minimal, while there is sufficient padding it isn’t too thick, which helps keep the backpack have a slim build while your Phantom 4 and accessories are packed into the bag. This backpack probably doesn’t offer the most protection in terms of padding, but I feel fairly confident that if I dropped my bag that this backpack would offer enough support to cushion a few drops; as well as every day wear and tear. Speaking of tear — ProCraft states that the material of the bag is tear resistant; but, that is something I will have to test over an extended period of usage.

The inside of the backpack is broken down into halves — the top half for your remote controller, the bottom half for your Phantom 4. Of course there are more pockets and pouches for storing accessories, cables, and whatever else you might need to carry with you. There is also a pocket on the back side of the backpack that allows you to store a tablet, laptop, or even your remote controller sun visor. Since I only have an 11” MacBook Air it fits nicely in there, from what I can tell, you could easily fit up to a 15” laptop in there as well.

The top half where you store the remote controller is big enough to not only store the remote, but also an additional battery or two. This is where I keep my propellers inside the DJI propeller bag that came with my Phantom 4.

There are pockets on the top of the bag where slots have been made for two pens or pencils, there is a pocket with a velcro strap that you could put a smart-phone (small one) or other accessories — I store my Lightning cable in there. There is also a pouch on the right side, next to the pen holder, where you can store other accessories; this is great for ND filters or even SD cards.

On the top of the cover that lifts up to reveal the remote controller are two additional zippered pockets. The top pocket is great for a set of propellers or SD cards (I store mine here), but you could store whatever you want in here. The bottom pouch is much bigger, this is where I store my charging block and my charging cable for my Phantom 4. You could probably fit your propellers in here as well as the charging block if you wanted, the pouch is that big.

The bottom half of the bag is where the actual Phantom 4 sits — the Phantom 4 needs to be placed upside down in the bag in order for it to fit inside the backpack. The Phantom 4 does not fit in the backpack rightsize up, it will not zip closed — the bag is not designed for the Phantom (3 / 4) drones to fit that way. There is a strap that you can buckle to hold your Phantom 4 into place while in the bag. This will help steady it so it is not bouncing around in the bag while you are transporting your Phantom 4 in the backpack. Additionally, there are four more pockets in this area of the bag. There are two pockets on the bottom of the bag that are designed for spare batteries, they have a velcro strap that allows you to keep them in place while in these pockets. There are also two larger pockets on either side of the Phantom 4. In one of these pockets you will find a supplied raincoat for the backpack — this also doubles as an extra cushion if you are not using the raincoat. One the other side, the pocket it just as big and I use this for various straps and tools that I carry with me. You could probably use this for a camera lens if you wanted to bring a DSLR camera with you as well. There is plenty of room in this backpack for additional photography items such as cameras and lenses.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with this backpack, it gives me the ability to carry all my gear in one bag, and makes carrying more gear convenient. I would have no problem at all recommending this backpack to anyone in the market for a case for their Phantom 4. There are other much more expensive backpacks that do not really offer anything this bag does not offer me.

You can find this ProCraft Cases backpack on Amazon for $139.99;


  • Size: Approx. 46cm wide x 27cm high x 33cm deep
  • Net Weight: Approx. 1.5kg
  • Maximum Weight: Approx. 7.5kg