Tung (beta)

Tung podcast app is by far the best podcast app I have ever used. Not only the design, but also the features of it. It isn't just an app, it is a social services as well where you can comment on podcast within the community. Think of it like a blog post with comments activated, but instead of reading an article you listen to it. After you listen you can add your own commentary and interact with others who have listened as well.

Currently it is in beta, as far as I know it is iOS only. You can sign up here; https://tung.fm/ (just scroll to the bottom) — you need TestFlight (https://goo.gl/x24Pqs) and a free developer account from Apple (https://developer.apple.com/) as well to install the beta.

 The social features are great, you can also donate to a favorite podcast if you are into doing that sort of thing. This is a game changer.

PS: I am not in anyway associated with Tung, I have just been testing the app and wanted to help get the word out. I really enjoy podcast, I listen to them daily. Here are some screenshots of the application: