Ricoh Theta S

360º cameras / videos are all the rage these days, luckily they are not that expensive! I recently took this to Disney World with me to film some videos of my daughter and I riding on roller coasters, the few rides that Disney had that were outdoors came out great. Sadly all the fun coasters at Disney are all indoors – Rock 'N Roller Coaster, Tower of Terror, Space Mountain, etc. With that said, the Theta S doesn't do well in low light situations but when you are outdoors with the sun shining bright, the Theta S does an exceptional job, highly recommended.

The fun factor of the Theta S alone makes it worth the purchase price in my mind, then when you take into consideration that 360º video and photography are going to become a norm really soon, you might as well get started with the technology now instead of waiting for it become a normal part of every day photography and filmmaking. 360º offers a unique way of recording memorable moments – like riding a roller coaster, now I can see the track and the look on my face all in a single video!

A few tidbits to keep in mind; you will need to download either the Android or iPhone app to view and edit your videos, unless you know how to edit in Final Cut Pro X or Premiere, or some other video editing application. The mobile app makes it easy to edit and it has built-in sharing features to Facebook. Learning about 360º video has a slight learning curve when it comes to editing those video files, if you are using Final Cut Pro X and want to learn more about 360º and how to edit them, I recommend checking out this post;

I plan on doing a more detailed review of the Theta S applications and some of the other features of the camera when using the app in another post. Stay tuned!

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