The Power of Makeup by Too Faced and NikkieTutorials

This is The Power of Makeup I bought at Sephora this past weekend. I love the color palettes, my favorite color is Sugar Coated, it is so sparkle-y. ☺️

The Power of Makeup; ☺️

One of my favorites:
Peanut Butter and Jelly Palette from Too Faced; ☺️

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About this post. This is my daughters first YouTube video that she shot on her iPhone and edited in Final Cut Pro X. So as a show of support I am sharing it to as many places as I can to show her how I proud I am of her. If you have any interest in fashion or makeup, I would love it if you could give her a thumbs up and maybe even subscribe to her YouTube channel, or just leave a nice comment for her. 

I am trying to promote her continued creativity by encouraging her to keep creating content for YouTube. 


Belkin USB-C cable

I finally grabbed a USB-C to USB-A cable for my Nexus 5X, so I can use it with my Phantom 4.

I tested flying my 5x today in split-screen, it works but is buggy. I was using YouTube as the second app which is good if you want to Live Stream to YouTube from the Phantom 4 and will enable you to actually see comments that you can respond to in the YouTube app when in split-screen. Currently only Facebook allows you to see comments and you can't respond to those either other than commenting verbally.

I grabbed my 3-foot cable on Amazon for $23.. it supports USB 2.0, 3.0, and 3.1.

Belkin 3 ft USB-C cable;

ChromaGun on Steam (Mac, Windows, Linux)

ChromaGun a fun puzzler, I have enjoyed playing ChromaGun for hours and hours, it is nice to relax from the fast paced run and gun FPS I normally play. If you are looking for a relaxing game that you can sit back and enjoy while working your brain muscle instead of your fingers and wrist reflexes then check out ChromaGun. Highly recommended!

ChromaGun is only $12.99 in the Steam Store;

"ChromaGun is a first person puzzler about colors. The basic principle is as easy as applying it is complex: Exit the chambers via the exit doors. Use the ChromaGun to colorize walls and WorkerDroids to progress in the chambers. WorkerDroids (the players’ main cause of headaches in ChromaGun) are attracted to walls of the same color and can be used for a variety of tasks like opening doors, activating triggers or removing the danger of deadly electrified floor-tiles by mercilessly sacrificing them. ChromaGun encompasses eight chapters of mind-melting puzzles and witty background-narrative."

Developers Website;
Download Steam;

ChromaGun is also available on the iPhone and iPad; (I plan on doing a separate video for the mobile version)

Cambond 12 inch Lightning Cable for iPhone (Phantom 4)

I wanted a shorter USB 2.0 to Lightning cable to use with my Phantom 4 and my iPhone or iPad for when flying my Phantom 4 drone. I found this cable on Amazon and it does the job.

Buy Cambond 12-inch cable on Amazon;

I like the fact that the cable is not only much shorter than the cable that came with my iPhone 6s Plus, but also it is braided so it will be tangle free. The gold tips match my iPhone 6s Plus more or less, there is a slight difference but it is not noticeable unless you are holding this close up and looking closely at the two gold colored items.

The cable comes in six different colors; black, silver, gray, gold, full gold, and solid silver. Pick the cable that matches your iPhone if you want.

Update: When I bought this cable it was only $11.99, it seems to have went up since then, after uploading this video it now shows as $13.99. 

Fragment - Prismatic Photo Effects

Fragment is a prismatic photo effects editor for iOS. It will work on both the iPhone as well as the iPad. Fragment only cost $1.99 in the App Store or you can purchase it in a Pixite bundle for $7.99.

Pixite Bundle:

Matter for iPhone and iPad

Matter allows you to add awesome 3D objects or effects to images on your iPhone or iPad. The objects you add can be animated to create a .gif like image. You can also add audio to your clips and and animate the objects to the beat of the music.

You can import objects to your projects as well or you can create your own.

Download Matter for iPhone or iPad for only $1.99;

Download the Pixite bundle for only $7.99 (includes Matter);

Matter is an awesome application, my short review here does not do it justice. Download it for yourself and you will see how powerful this application is! Highly recommended!

Glitch Wizard for iPhone

This is one of my favorite novelty apps for my iPhone (also works on the iPad). If you want to create glitch-y images or videos on your iPhone this is by far one of the best apps to do so. Highly recommended!

Glitch Wizard is only $1.99 in the App Store;

Download any YouTube Video on Your iPhone or iPad

How to Download Any YouTube Video on Your iPhone or iPad? You need to download PocketVideo for iPhone and iPad;

I do not recommend stealing any video from YouTube or Vine, this video is just to show how to do it (educational purposes, lol.) Honestly, I am surprised this app is still available for download and that YouTube hasn’t moved to have it removed from the App Store yet. or Vine/Twitter for that matter. .

I bet it won’t last long so enjoy it while you can. If you care about your YouTube channel you will not steal videos and re-upload them as your own!

How to Create a Call of Duty Glitch Text Title

In this demo, I am using Motion 5 which is an OS X only application. I don't use After Effects but I would assume most of the filter effects are in AE as well. Since Motion is Mac only you would need a Mac to use Motion 5.

This is not the exact effect that is used in Call of Duty; but, it is very similar. You do not need the third-part plugin I used in this demo but I think it adds an excellent element to the text title and it looks much better with it than without it, but that is subjective.

Motion 5 for Mac, only $50 in the Mac App Store;

mGlitch - $59 Distortion Effect plugin (this is what I used at the end of the video);

Call of Duty Fonts I use;
Black Ops 2 Font;

Forum board with links to a bunch of other similar fonts;

Typorama for iPhone and iPad

Typorama For iPhone - Image Editing app, free in the App Store! Highly recommended!

Typorama is free to download in the App Store -
Download Typorama;

Videorama review;
Download Videorama;

Pocket Casts for iPhone and iPad

Pocket Casts is an excellent podcasts application for your iPhone or iPad. If you want to listen and manage audio and/or video podcasts then I highly recommend checking out Pocket Casts.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video, the only negative thing I have to say about Pocket Casts is that the app does not offer Apple Watch support and that is something I find myself using on a regular basis when I am listening to podcast in Overcast.

Pocket Casts in only $3.99 in the App Store:
Download Pocket Casts for iPhone or iPad;

$3.99 in the Play Store:
Pocket Casts for Android;

Developers Website;

Videorama For iPhone And iPad

Videorama is a free video editing application for the iPhone and iPad. It is a powerful editor for you mobile device. You can add text effects, sound effects, transitions, music and more to your videos that you create on your mobile device. Highly recommended!

FREE in the App Store
Download for iPhone;
Download for iPad;