How to Create a Call of Duty Glitch Text Title

In this demo, I am using Motion 5 which is an OS X only application. I don't use After Effects but I would assume most of the filter effects are in AE as well. Since Motion is Mac only you would need a Mac to use Motion 5.

This is not the exact effect that is used in Call of Duty; but, it is very similar. You do not need the third-part plugin I used in this demo but I think it adds an excellent element to the text title and it looks much better with it than without it, but that is subjective.

Motion 5 for Mac, only $50 in the Mac App Store;

mGlitch - $59 Distortion Effect plugin (this is what I used at the end of the video);

Call of Duty Fonts I use;
Black Ops 2 Font;

Forum board with links to a bunch of other similar fonts;