Cambond iPhone 7 Screen Protector

 Cambond iPhone 7 screen protector is available on Amazon;

If you have an iPhone 7 then you might want to consider protecting the screen, especially if you plan on trying to sell it next year when the next iPhone is released. A screen without scratches will result in a higher resale value.

If you have the black iPhone 7, tiny scratches or any scratches for that matter are much more visible than on the white iPhone. Scratches or "micro abrasions" are more visible in direct sunlight too, like when you are using your iPhone outside in the sun, they will show up more clearly.

This Cambond screen protector comes with all the accessories needed to apply the protector to your iPhone 7. You don't need to worry about bubbles as the protector is a harder plastic that will not bubble when you apply it to your iPhone 7. I have had the screen protector on my iPhone 7 for 3 days now without any issues. The screen still functions as it does without the screen protector on my iPhone 7.

You get 2 screen protectors in the box if you decide to remove it then you will have a backup screen protector. Also, there are zero issues using this screen protector with the Apple branded cases. I use a battery case from Apple and the screen protector does not interfere with the case fitting properly.