DJI Phantom 4 Holiday Gift Ideas

Listed below are accessories for the DJI Phantom 4 drone, (some items will work with the older DJI Phantom drones as well) these make excellent gifts for those who already own a DJI Phantom 4 drone. I own most all of the products listed, and for some of them I have written or done video reviews of those products, you will see a link to those reviews listed below each product if I have reviewed it already.

If the person you are buying a gift for doesn't already own a drone, then I would consider getting them a bundle which consist of the drone and most of the accessories they will need to get started. This is probably the best bundle you will find on Amazon; DJI Phantom 4 Quadcopter Kit Bundle with 4K Camera Gimbal, 3 DJI Batteries and Accessories (11 Items)

If the person you are buying for already owns the DJI Phantom 4, then these are some of the accessories I would recommend buying for them.

Phantom 4 battery; $97.20 -

Phantom 4 camera lens hood; $7.99 -

Phantom 4 Battery Charging hub; $21.98 -

Phantom 4 Propeller Guards; $19.00 -

Phantom 3 / 4 Remote Control Laynard; $7.99 -

Phantom 4 Lens Cover; $19.99 -

Skyreat Parabolic Antenna Range Boosters; $16.99 -
Review of these boosters (

Phantom 4 Quick Release Propeller [2-pack]; $19.99 -

Phantom 4 Monitor Hood; $14.99 -
Review of this Product (

Phantom 3 or 4 ProCrafts Cases backpack; $139.99 -
Review of this backpak (

Phantom 4 12-inch Lightning cable for iPhone; $13.99 -
Review of cable (

Belkin USB-A to USB-C; $23 -
Review of cable (

Polar Pro ND Filters for Phantom 3 and Phantom 4; $49.99 -
Review of filters (

SanDisk 64GB microUSB card; $19.99 -

Here is a post I wrote about 5 accessories you should buy with your DJI Phantom 4, if  the person you are buying a drone accessory for doesn't own these, this is a great list you might want to consider;

If you have any questions or comments about any of these products, or you need help with something drone related, feel free to leave a comment and I will do my best to answer your question!