The huge trackpad on the MacBook Pro

I have been using my new MacBook Pro for exactly 2 weeks as of today; I wanted to discuss this new huge trackpad. Let me just get this out of the way: I am not in love with it!

I have noticed the palm rejection sometimes causes issues when I am typing. It seems like it will select entire paragraphs and move them around, or completely select and delete entire paragraphs. I am not even sure how in the hell it is deleting things? It doesn’t cause issues all of the time; but, it has caused enough issues for me to take notice. The problem lies with my palms resting on top of the trackpad. I believe that when I go to use something in the Touch Bar that my palms are sliding on the trackpad and it thinks that I am swiping on it; or at least that is what I assume is happening?

The funny thing about the trackpad, I can put my palms on the trackpad and move them around and the cursor never moves! But when I start typing all of sudden it magically activates at certain times. Then other times I can place my palms on the trackpad and it activates the cursor causing it to jump all over the screen. Weird!

A friend suggested I turn off Tap to Click and see it that helps. So far it does seem to be doing much better with Tap to Click disabled, although I am used to using Tap to Click as I used it on my MacBook Air as well as my iMac when I use the Magic Trackpad.

I am also am having to learn to adjust to Force Touch on the new trackpad. A lot of times I will press too hard on a folder and it will open a quick-view window showing me the contents inside the folder that I am clicking on. I have noticed this happening when I am trying to move a folder to the trash or just relocate it on my Home screen. The problem is not with Force Touch on the trackpad, it is just me not being used to using it. It works exactly the same on the iPhone (3D Touch); on the trackpad you need to do a light ‘half’ click to move the item you are clicking on. I do feel the Force Touch on the trackpad is something I will adjust to as I use it more.

The gestures are much easier to use with the huge trackpad but I honestly don’t think I had an issue with gestures on the much smaller trackpad on my 11” MacBook Air. I do know one thing, I never had an issue with palm rejection on my 11” MacBook Air!

Hopefully the issues I am having are just software based and Apple can release an update to tweak the trackpad so as to give it better palm rejection detection. The palm detection works okay most of the time, the times it doesn’t though are very frustrating.

One thing I have noticed is even though the trackpad has issues sometimes, I have found myself using the trackpad more than my Magic Mouse 2. I find that odd as I always used a mouse with my MacBook Air and my iMac. I do use the Magic Trackpad with my iMac but not to move the cursor or navigate within macOS. Most of my uses with the Magic Trackpad were for using the gestures; such as opening Mission Control, swiping between open apps, launching Launchpad, swiping between desktops, or to show all of the open apps that I was running. Now I am using the trackpad more to just navigate on the machine.

Lastly, I just wanted to mention that I do really like this new MacBook Pro. I have thoroughly enjoyed using it and it is hands down the best laptop I have ever owned. With that said, it does have a learning curve; the trackpad, keyboard, and Touch Bar are all things that I am having to adjust to using. I would have no problem recommending the new MacBook Pro to anyone looking at buying a new Mac!