FCP X Basics For Beginners - How to Adjust Titles and Text

This is a tutorial for beginners, or users just starting out with editing in Final Cut Pro X. This is a very basic tutorial about adding titles or text to your videos, and how to adjust the parameters of those titles and text within Final Cut Pro X. I have started to upload a series on my YouTube channel for Final Cut Pro X for beginners, you can find the playlists for those videos here:
FCP X Basics for Beginners Playlist; https://goo.gl/5mq3Bv

Other info and links:

If you don't own FCP X, you can either purchase or download the trial version;
Buy: http://apple.co/2pZ8xW1
Trial: https://www.apple.com/final-cut-pro/trial/

You can also reach out for help on Twitter:
http://twitter.com/crizzonet  (@crizzonet)
Make sure you use the #FCPX hashtag on Twitter! You will be surprised at how many people reach out to help you!

These are the external drives I use:
LaCie Thunderbolt SSD;

LaCie Thunderbolt;

Subscribe to my YouTube channel; https://www.youtube.com/user/VideoRizzo?sub_confirmation=1

Additional FCP X Playlist here on my YouTube channel;


Download the Final Cut Pro X Help Guide:


Recommended FCP X Books:
FPC X 10.2 (older version; but, still helpful): http://apple.co/2pZb2bd
Pro Workflow; http://apple.co/2pZkPOb
iGuide: http://apple.co/2pYZpAI