Why We Should Share

I read this post online today, from a member of a Final Cut Pro X group I am in.

"One of the biggest accomplishments in this great journey was having my store added to Apple’s Final Cut Pro Resource Page. When this had happened it brought me tears of happiness and joy. To have a highly valued company such as Apple add my little online store to a long list of amazingly talented people and businesses is incredibly gratifying."

My personal belief is that all art should be free, I don't mean you should work for free, I mean you should NEVER put a price on your passion. Anything creative I do, either I give it away, or I tell the person to give me whatever they want. I never put a price on anything.

Currently I am doing my first music video for a local artist, who also happens to be signed to a decently sized record label. My price for doing this video? NOT A SINGLE PENNY. All I asked for was a shoutout on the video page! I have actually spent $700 of my own money on additional equipment to shoot this video. Whatever your passion is, money shouldn't matter in achieving those goals! Spending money on equipment is my way of saying that I believe in myself and my talents, even if others don't. Doing something for free isn't really doing something for free, it is a chance to prove myself to people who might not know what I am capable of doing.

I might not be the next Spike Jonze; but, I'll never find out if I don't try!