Insta Inspiration Preset Pack for Luminar

"30 authentic presets inspired by Instagram community. Developed by pro photographer and imaging researcher Jason Odell, exclusively for Luminar."

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If you want to up your game on Instagram, quit editing your photos inside of the Instagram app, edit them on your Mac, then share them out to your iPhone or Android phone and upload them. Edit them in a professional editor and take your Instagram game to that next level — just insert ( #InstagramBoss ) tags and be on your way!

A Better YouTube

Speaking of Safari, this is why I use Safari for YouTube, and not Chrome!

YouTube has become exactly what I hated about television; nothing but fucking ads. The content is becoming watered down too; 5,000 videos on the exact same topic, everybody thinking they are Casey fucking Neistat, and terrible discovery of quality content.

Every person who uploads a video with 7 followers thinks they need to turn ads on for their videos. Which leads me to giving the video a thumbs down and clicking off of their video. Nobody cares about the user-experience when they upload their content, they are worried about making $3.01 a month. This is also why I spend 5 hours a day on Vimeo and maybe 30 minutes a day on YouTube.

Anyway, this plugin works great in Safari:

There is also a Chrome and Firefox version as well, I am not sure how they work though in those browsers. 

Safari is better than Chrome

I use Blogger for this site, and I have for quite a while; but, using Blogger in Safari is impossible! My choices are either suffer with poor battery life, a bad user-experience and use Chrome, or switch back to Tumblr. Looks like it is Tumblr.

Which brings me to this article:

"I think Safari is a terrific browser. It remains the one and only browser for the Mac that behaves like a native Mac app through and through. It may not be the fastest browser but it is fast. And its energy performance puts Chrome to shame. If you use a Mac laptop, using Chrome instead of Safari can cost you an hour or more of battery life per day."

I do not dislike Chrome, I do use it; but, mostly for when using a Google service because for whatever reason, they run like shit inside of Safari (see Blogger). This is sort of funny; YouTube, my most used Google service, I actually use Safari. The main reason is because of this excellent plugin which blocks all ads on YouTube. I dislike blocking ads; but, the ads on YouTube have become extremely annoying on every single video, especially when videos over 10 minutes long have commercials in the middle of the video, so this plugin blocks all those ads!

I don't like the look or feel of Chrome, especially in fullscreen. The tabs are hidden, my favorites are hidden — that makes using Chrome tedious and a bad user-experience. What I mean by that is I have to hover my mouse cursor over the top (hidden) menu bar waiting for the tabs or my favorites bar to show up, which is super annoying. It is also time consuming because instead of clicking on my favorite, I have to wait a second or two for my favorites to show up, then I have to click the favicon of the website I have saved to my favorites bar. All of which is so much easier in Safari in fullscreen! Yes, I use Safari among other apps exclusively in fullscreen, I prefer to swipe between screens and that is how I have used my Mac since Apple implemented the fullscreen app feature!

I know there are keyboard shortcuts for switching between open tabs; but, I don't want to switch between the 20 or 100 tabs I may or may not have open at anytime throughout my normal day, especially when I want to quickly close a tab that has audio playing in the background. I want to look up at my open tabs, see the speaker icon and close that tab!

Anyway, I prefer Safari for numerous reasons, most of my reasons because I just feel it is the better browser for me, not that it is the better browser!

My Gear Vault

Here is a terrific, free application that you can download on your iPhone that will help you manage your camera gear.

My Gear vault will help you manage your camera gear, keep up with receipts of purchase, as well as the serial number of your gear, in case of theft or damage.

I've been keeping up with my info in Notes on my Mac, it's not ideal though. This app is nice and much easier to sort than in my Notes app. Plus, I have a lot of equipment. This app has most of it already listed, I just search the device and the details auto-fill, minus serial and receipt.

"MyGearVault is a FREE app designed to help photographers and videographers from professionals, to amateurs, to even hobbyists, know what they have and what it’s worth."

Download for the iPhone, free in the App Store:

*** An Android version is coming soon. ***

Luminar - Professional Photo Editing

Luminar for Mac

Luminar for the Mac1 is a professional video editing application with over 300 tools and features that will allow you to edit your photography in a professional manner. Luminar has native RAW processing support, and Luminar supports over a dozen different cameras; DSLR, Point and Shoot, GoPro or action cam, iPhone, and Drone images, you name it. Luminar only cost $69, you can read more about Luminar or purchase Luminar by visiting the MacPhun website.

Think of Luminar as a digital darkroom on your Mac. Luminar picks up the slack that was felt for Mac users when Apple did away with Aperture over two years ago. Apple did launch Photos on the Mac; but, Photos is not up to par with more advanced photo editing. Photos is nice for managing your photos on your Mac; but, you need an application like Luminar if you want more advanced photo editing features, which Luminar has those.

Luminar as a Photos extension

A neat feature built into Luminar is that Luminar will work as an extension in Photos on the Mac. What that will allow you do, you can continue to use Photos to manage your images, but, you can open up Luminar right inside the Photos app to edit your images with the more powerful Luminar, then you can save your work right back into Photos.

Touch Bar

Another feature in Luminar is that it offers Touch Bar support and Force Touch support for the new MacBook Pro that Apple launched last year. I have a new 15” MBP, and I love the fact that Luminar supports the Touch Bar as I have started using the Touch Bar more and more on my MBP. Two of my most used Touch Bar buttons are the Quick Preview (allows you to see the original photo vs. the edited image) and the Filters button on the Touch Bar. When I tap the Filters button on the Touch Bar it opens up all the filter options quickly. This keeps me from needing to scroll over to the Add Filter button on the screen; sometimes you have to scroll to the get to button depending how many filters you are working with. The Touch Bar buttons are more convenient for some options when editing my images.

Touch Bar Support


I want to mention the Presets that come bundled with Luminar, there are 6 Preset options: Basic, Street, Outdoor, Travel, Portrait, and Dramatic. These Presets are similar to Instagram filters in that you can easily add an effect to your image, without having to adjust the curves, brightness, or adding vignette to your image, as an example. The Presets take the hard work out of editing and allow you to choose some pre-made filters to spice up your images. If you like a certain effect that you have applied; but, you feel that the effect is too strong, you can easily adjust the amount of the effect applied to the image. Not only that, you can still further edit your image even after adding the Preset effect/filter. Inside each Preset option, there are a handful of effects/filters to choose from. As an example; Basic has 13 filter effects you can add to your image. If you want more effects than what ships with Luminar, you are in luck. Macphun has a Preset store where you can download a few free Presets, and they also have some paid Presets as well; those Presets range in price from only $5.99 to $9.99. One of the Preset packs I recommend is the Insta Inspiration, which is an Instagram inspired Preset pack that mimics the Instagram filters that you find on the mobile app.


A few other tidbits I’d like to mention in this review; Luminar supports up to 5 Macs. In other words if you have more than 1 Mac in your household you can install Luminar on four additional machines, at no additional cost. Another important tidbit is that all of your edits in Luminar are non-destructive, what that means is you can edit an image and the edits you make will not harm the original image. The original image will remain unedited, only your exported image will show any effects you have applied to it.


  • Clone & Stamp
  • Eraser (Object removal)
  • Transform
  • Crop
  • Image Resizing
  • Noise reduction
  • Photo Effects
  • Blend Modes for Filters
  • Masking with Filters
  • Change the order of applied filters
  • Favorite Filters
  • Filter categories
  • Search
  • Built-in descriptions
  • Image examples
  • Reset Filters

Final Thoughts

I have been using Luminar for about 3 weeks now and I foresee myself using Luminar for a long time to come. If you have been shopping for a photo editing application for your Mac then I can highly recommend you give Luminar a look. Luminar is feature packed, it has every tool I can think of that most photographers would need to process their images. If Luminar is missing something, Macphun, the company behind Luminar has a suite of image editing applications to choose from. I feel that for most photographers, or photography enthusiasts who want to quickly and easily edit their images, Luminar is more than enough to satisfy their need. The Presets are great, the tools are all there. Luminar has a beautiful, uncluttered UI, it has that Mac feel to it. If you don’t want to take more word for it, visit the Macphun website and download the free trial for yourself, and give Luminar a spin.


  1. Luminar:
  2. Luminar Presets:
  3. Luminar User Manual:
  4. Luminar Video Tutorials:

  1. Soon available on Windows too ↩︎

Final Cut Pro X: Should You Purchase Motion 5 and Compressor?

In this video I talk about Motion 5 and Compressor, and if you should buy either program if you also have bought Final Cut Pro X. While I do recommend both programs, I don’t think both are necessary, I think both do compliment Final Cut Pro X, to make FCP X a more robust editing tool; but, both Motion and/or Compressor might not be needed.

Buy Motion 5:
Buy Compressor:
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This is an easy technique that will teach you how you can easily apply a fake depth of field to a video in Final Cut Pro X. Feel free to ask question on the YouTube video page.

Panols iPhone App for Instagram

Download Panols in the iOS App Store:

"Panols allows photographers to share the panoramic photos taken with their iPhone, as well as other photos stored in their Photo Library, with Instagram users everywhere. The app takes the Panorama shots stored in the device's Photo Library, and accurately splits the wide-shot into three separate shots, allowing users to take advantage of the Instagram profile display grid to showcase them in their full glory via the social network's standard three-across display view."

Panols Website:

Final Cut Pro X: Basics for Beginners - Exporting to YouTube

In this video I talk about the easiest way to export directly from Final Cut Pro X to YouTube. This is the best way for beginners to Final Cut Pro X, to get their content online to YouTube. It automatically adds the recommended encoding settings for YouTube in the direct upload, making sure your video is encoding properly for viewing on YouTube.

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