A Better YouTube

Speaking of Safari, this is why I use Safari for YouTube, and not Chrome!

YouTube has become exactly what I hated about television; nothing but fucking ads. The content is becoming watered down too; 5,000 videos on the exact same topic, everybody thinking they are Casey fucking Neistat, and terrible discovery of quality content.

Every person who uploads a video with 7 followers thinks they need to turn ads on for their videos. Which leads me to giving the video a thumbs down and clicking off of their video. Nobody cares about the user-experience when they upload their content, they are worried about making $3.01 a month. This is also why I spend 5 hours a day on Vimeo and maybe 30 minutes a day on YouTube.

Anyway, this plugin works great in Safari: http://add0n.com/youtube-tools.html?from=adblocker

There is also a Chrome and Firefox version as well, I am not sure how they work though in those browsers.