Safari is better than Chrome

I use Blogger for this site, and I have for quite a while; but, using Blogger in Safari is impossible! My choices are either suffer with poor battery life, a bad user-experience and use Chrome, or switch back to Tumblr. Looks like it is Tumblr.

Which brings me to this article:

"I think Safari is a terrific browser. It remains the one and only browser for the Mac that behaves like a native Mac app through and through. It may not be the fastest browser but it is fast. And its energy performance puts Chrome to shame. If you use a Mac laptop, using Chrome instead of Safari can cost you an hour or more of battery life per day."

I do not dislike Chrome, I do use it; but, mostly for when using a Google service because for whatever reason, they run like shit inside of Safari (see Blogger). This is sort of funny; YouTube, my most used Google service, I actually use Safari. The main reason is because of this excellent plugin which blocks all ads on YouTube. I dislike blocking ads; but, the ads on YouTube have become extremely annoying on every single video, especially when videos over 10 minutes long have commercials in the middle of the video, so this plugin blocks all those ads!

I don't like the look or feel of Chrome, especially in fullscreen. The tabs are hidden, my favorites are hidden — that makes using Chrome tedious and a bad user-experience. What I mean by that is I have to hover my mouse cursor over the top (hidden) menu bar waiting for the tabs or my favorites bar to show up, which is super annoying. It is also time consuming because instead of clicking on my favorite, I have to wait a second or two for my favorites to show up, then I have to click the favicon of the website I have saved to my favorites bar. All of which is so much easier in Safari in fullscreen! Yes, I use Safari among other apps exclusively in fullscreen, I prefer to swipe between screens and that is how I have used my Mac since Apple implemented the fullscreen app feature!

I know there are keyboard shortcuts for switching between open tabs; but, I don't want to switch between the 20 or 100 tabs I may or may not have open at anytime throughout my normal day, especially when I want to quickly close a tab that has audio playing in the background. I want to look up at my open tabs, see the speaker icon and close that tab!

Anyway, I prefer Safari for numerous reasons, most of my reasons because I just feel it is the better browser for me, not that it is the better browser!