Mr. Fuzzy custom drink coasters

 I recently purchased a set of 2 Mr. Fuzzy drink coasters from a crafter on Twitter; she also sent me this Mr. Pebble ornament as an included freebie. 

Anyway, she has other Fallout inspired coasters as well as other crafts. I just wanted to give her a shoutout and link her Twitter, where you can also find links to her other items as well! 

These coasters are really nice, high quality, and coated so paint won't come off with usage! 

Here is her Twitter link with some items for sale:

Fallout 76 - Bloodied Power Armor Tank for Daily Ops

Below I will show you my build for playing Bloodied in Power Armor with Daily Ops. Obviously you won't get the +3 boost of Unyielding armor with Power Armor, but you will be an absolute unit when you are playing Daily Ops. At the bottom of the post you will find a video, and you can see that I don't take any damage in the Daily Ops while playing Bloodied, and I finish in under 8 minutes. 

In that video, I am using a Junkies weapon, but I switch to a Bloodied weapon to kill the final boss because my Junkies weapon wasn't doing any damage. Sadly, I don't have any good Bloodied weapons other than what I switched to. A Bloodied weapon is ideal for the most damage!   

Perk Cards, Legendary Perk and Mutations:

Perk Cards: Ricochet and Fire Proof are the most important with this build! 

Legendary Perk Card: Funky Duds is the most important here. (Just to note, I use these Legendary perks with other builds, but for this build Funky Duds is a must! 

Mutations: These are the most typical mutations for Bloody builds. I don't play Bloodied the majority of the time, but with these new Daily Ops, it is easy to tank because of the way the build works! 

Power Armor

The most important piece to the Power Armor is the torso, and you need to make sure you have Emergency Protocols on your torso. 

Daily Ops Run with this build: