Diablo IV Sorcerer Ice Mage Build

I started out wanting to go with a Fire Mage build in Diablo IV, but, my heart wouldn't let me. In every RPG game I play, especially aRPG's, I always opt for a sorcerer that does some sort of Frost, Frozen, Chill, etc. magic, D4 is no different. 

My build link can be found here: Ice Mage

Some of the nodes may not reflect my actual current build because as I get new gear, that gear may boost certain aspects of my node tree. For example, I may only have 1/5 skill points in a certain node, but in game I may have 4/5 skill points in that node because I could be getting a +3 from a certain piece of gear. 

My current main focus is getting some of the gear or Aspects that are drop only, such as the two aspects on the rings in the above image, you can only get them  on items that drop in the world. You cannot target farm these items, or do a specific dungeon for them. These items won't make or break the build, but they will help a lot in the very end game (level 82+). 

I will be updating my Build Sheet as I progress my character, including the paragon board. You can always watch me stream when I am live on YouTube. I usually stream every single night. 

Fractured Magic Sorcerer Cosmetic Gear: