10 Survival Tips for Beginners in Sons of the Forest


1. Prioritize Shelter: Build a shelter early on to protect yourself from the elements and enemies. Use leaves, sticks, and logs to construct a basic shelter or find a suitable location to set up camp.

2. Gather Resources: Collect resources such as sticks, rocks, and plants to craft weapons, tools, and traps. Explore your surroundings to find valuable items and materials to aid in your survival. 3. Manage Hunger and Thirst: Keep an eye on your hunger and thirst meters and consume food and water regularly to maintain your stamina and health. Hunt animals, gather berries, and collect water from natural sources to stay nourished. 4. Be Stealthy: Avoid attracting the attention of hostile creatures by moving quietly and staying hidden. Use stealth to evade enemies or set up ambushes to take them down silently. 5. Craft Weapons: Craft weapons like spears, axes, and bows to defend yourself against aggressive wildlife and hostile mutants. Upgrade your weapons whenever possible to increase their effectiveness in combat. 6. Build Defensive Structures: Construct defensive structures such as walls, traps, and lookout towers to fortify your base and fend off attacks from enemies. Strategically place defensive structures to cover vulnerable areas and prevent enemy incursions.

7. Explore Caves: Explore underground caves to discover valuable resources, hidden secrets, and potential shelter locations. Be prepared for encounters with dangerous creatures and plan your expeditions accordingly. 8. Stay Alert at Night: Be extra cautious at night as visibility decreases and hostile creatures become more active. Use torches, flares, or crafted light sources to illuminate your surroundings and keep threats at bay. 9. Save Often: Save your progress frequently to avoid losing valuable resources and progress in case of unexpected events or encounters. Establish multiple save points throughout the game world to ensure you always have a backup plan.

10. Team Up: Consider teaming up with other players in multiplayer mode to increase your chances of survival. Collaborate on building projects, share resources, and watch each other’s backs during encounters with enemies. (I play solo, but, online and with others is fun and greatly increases your chance of survival!)

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