JETech "SmartCase" for the 10.5" iPad Pro

Buy the JETech "SmartCase" for only $13.99:

If you have been wanting a full case, similar to the old Apple SmartCase, for your 10.5" iPad Pro, then checkout this JETech case. It offers full front and back scratch protection. Keep those scratches to a minimum!

A few thoughts: It does NOT add any bulk to the iPad, it still feels just as thin and light as it does without the case. While it doesn't offer the most protection for the iPad Pro, it offers enough if you take good care of your iPad. The Sleep/Wake function works perfectly.

How to layer text behind an image in Affinity Photo for iPad

For the last two weeks or so, I have been digging down into Affinity Photo on the iPad. While it is not a Photoshop on the Mac replacement for me, it is the closet thing to Photoshop on the iPad. In this video below, I am showing you how to add text between and object in an image and the background of the same picture. This is the same workflow I would use in Photoshop on my Mac, more or less, and it works quite nicely on the iPad. Here is how you do it:

The workflow to achieve something like this isn’t much different from what I would do on my Mac in Photoshop, although it is a few more steps. It is a bit more cumbersome to navigate to open the different settings panels, whereas in Photoshop on my Mac, I can arrange workspace and have to panels open and ready for adjustments. But, that doesn’t mean Affinity Photo is any worse to use, it just means it takes some more getting used to doing so. The new 10.5” iPad Pro is very powerful, and while you can use Affinity Photo on older iPad’s,…

Affinity Photo for iPad: How To Remove A Background From An Image

Affinity Photo is only $19.99 (currently) in the App Store:

This is a quick tip on how to remove a background from an image in Affinity Photo for the iPad. This relatively easy to do; but, please keep in mind that some images/photos will be a tad more difficult, and require a bit more work to get the background removed completely. I may do a more in-depth tutorial on how to remove the background from a more detailed photo at a later date. For now, this is just a basic tutorial on how to remove a background from a simple image, with a nice dark black outline!

iPad Pro Smart Cover (10.5")

iPad Pro (10.5”) Smart Cover from AppleI decided to grab a Smart Cover for my iPad Pro today, I have always had a Smart Cover for every iPad I have owned, starting with the iPad 2, and I have always liked them! This is a simple cover that will help protect your iPad from scratches, it will not protect it from drops, in most cases —no pun intended. You can pick up a Smart Cover on Amazon, or in an Apple Store. There are 7 colors to choose from: Mist Blue, Pollen, Flamingo, White, Pink Sand, Midnight Blue, and Charcoal Gray (which is what I bought). “This beautiful Smart Cover protects your iPad Pro screen. Open it and your iPad Pro wakes up. Close it and it goes to sleep. Available in a variety of colors that match your other Apple accessories.”Buy a Smart Cover on Amazon: ($49.99)

ProCase Sleeve for iPad Pro

ProCase Sleeve for 10.5" iPad Pro, on sale starting at $10.99:

My iPad Pro Amazon Haul Video:

As I said in my Apple Leather Sleeve video, there are plenty of cheap options for a sleeve for the iPad Pro, this ProCase sleeve is a perfect example of that. It will protect your iPad in the same manner you will pay a small fraction of the price!

Take my word for it, this sleeve is worth every bit of the $12 or so you will pay for it! Free shipping with Amazon Prime too!

Case Specs:

Internal dimension: 10.24" x 6.89". Compatible with 9 - 10.1 Inch tablet: 9.7" Apple iPad Pro (also fit with Smart Keyboard), iPad Pro 10.5 Inch, iPad Air 2, iPad Air and Galaxy Tab S2 9.7" tablet.Premium quality felt exterior and flannel interior provide great protection against dust, scratches and bumpsSlim fit yet practical, light weight yet durable; Velcro secures the closure, keeps tablet tightly in placeOne large front pocket and …

Smart Keyboard vs Magic Keyboard and MacBook Pro Keyboard (size comparison)

This video is to show the size differences between the Smart Keyboard for the 10.5" iPad Pro vs. the Apple Magic Keyboard and the keyboard on my 15" MacBook Pro.

I feel the Smart Keyboard is still too small to use for anything long form. It is fine for Twitter, but, for any serious writing, I will probably connect my Apple Magic Keyboard to my iPad Pro and type on that. Of course, this is my personal opinion, so results may vary!

Buy the Smart Keyboard for the 10.5" iPad Pro:

How To Change Text Color In Affinity Photo On The iPad

It is not obvious how to change the text color in Affinity Photo, I really wish the developers would move the color wheel to the text selection panel, or at least link to it from there. The way they have hidden the color wheel is not very intuitive!

Buy Affinity Photo for iPad: